Saturday Nov 8

Well bet everyone thinks we forgot about the blog..not the case at all, have been filming and working trying to get as much done as possible before having to leave on Tuesday morning for as much of our rescheduled northern tour as we can get in…It will be a turn the camera off and lay down the tools and go…so much to do ,so little time…but it will all work out,and all of this will pass…it always does

I am really looking forward to some time out of the shop, even though it will be traveling ,and tight schedules,it will be a change of pace, and hopefully recharge some long over due batteries, but once back it will be jump right back in, I have filmed alot of material and short clips and tips, and upon our return we will try to get them up,and get going on the clock,

While it all sometimes seems overwhelming, its staying the course that gets it done, that constant drip wear’s a stone thing,

This trip will have some surprises in it ,our educational endeavors have certainly grown over the last 18mos, and part of this trip is to see if there is more future in it,  one of those information gathering things, When you can get to talk to the people you can get the full consensus, of whats on their minds, how they are responding , and that’s a good thing,and we will be meeting with some folks who have made an impact in the world of woodworking to perhaps get additional advise and perspective.So the trip will be an educational one as well…I hope to see some of you out there, will try to keep you posted on our progress when we can, well it’s back to the tools and camera, while we are not getting there as fast as we would like, it will be worth the wait,  later guys, and thanks for all your support and friendship


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1 Response to Saturday Nov 8

  1. Denis Rezendes says:

    ya i think going up north will be good for you guys. a little vacation, get to meet some other woodworkers ;), and see the place.

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