November 5, 2008

The election is over, decisions made, stock market still shaky for now, optimism is high, so it’s time to do some woodwork!

Thought I’d take the opportunity to show you some pictures I took last week when setting up my adjustable finger dovetail jig for the drawers in the bedroom pieces. The thing I do is to set my half pins on the left and right by using a small scrap to evenly set the further most fingers. I usually go about 3/16″ to 1/4″ on a 7/16″ Bit, then, assuring everything is square, I set a stop block for

I then simply set the fingers in between until they look even. I measure the space, then rip a piece of scrap and cut it into small sections to set between the fingers and place them there. If I need a little wider or narrower, I simply slightly move the saw fence and rip another scrap until I get the size I need. I then put them in between and tighten the fingers
down. I rarely move the stop block, but rather adjust to it. It remains the one constant.

I usually tape the spacer I used to set it initially to my jig, so no matter what width I can set the half pin. May sound complicated but it’s not, beats measuring and is far more accurate. If I have a wide space between the fingers, I often use a 1/2″ thick spacer (thickness of the jig) and leave it there so I
don’t inadvertently try to run the router between fingers.

This is just a brief synopsis of how I do it. It’s another example of how a literal or physical measurement beats a calculated one. I find my scrap bin to be invaluable in this manner. If you’re making say a face frame and you need a divider to be 32″ long, using a scrap cut to the length and placed between the side stiles to confirm it’s correct is smart, 32″ may become 32 1/16″ or 31 63/64″ but it will be the same all the way through.

Just how I do it, Norm’s measure twice – cut once is good advise. Mine is measure twice, cut once (scrap) and confirm, it’s never failed me.

Well, seems the world of “Free” videos just got smaller, Brightcove, who had thought revenue could be made by the ads at the end of the videos, has found that it doesn’t work so they are going to be all fee based, the basic plan is $6K a year.

Sherri is looking around to see what she can do to move everything, there is no way we can pay that kind of money to keep using Brightcove. There are many out there to move to and we had chose Brightcove because of the quality of the video on-line as well as no time restriction. She’ll get it figured out and we’ll have to change things around again, but hey, what’s new? I think that eventually they will all go to a pay-per-view scenario, free will be coming to a close. This is definitely going to impact our project videos so if any of you want to give some advise, feel free.

Catch Ya Later!

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5 Responses to November 5, 2008

  1. Love that Katie jig, I have one! How about being able to download videos from your website like a podcast.


  2. Dave says:

    Get in touch with Marc over at the Wood Whisperer as he is facing the same issue with his site.

  3. Denis Rezendes says:

    yep it stinks that brightcove has to charge now. I don’t think the future looks bright for them. i don’t think most people can afford 6k. i also use the whole sneak up on it and confirm everything approach. works better that measure twice cut once.

  4. intheworkshop says:

    “sneak up on it” couldnt have said it better myself Denis…of all the things i have ever said, that one statement is the one everyone seems to remember..and it has always held true

  5. Denis Rezendes says:

    ya its works really well. I remember before i learned sneak up on it. i would always measure twice and cut once but i still always seemed to be the smallest amount off. sneak up on it eliminates that.

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