Pushin’ Thru

Well, I got all the drawers made and in. Re-sawed the fronts today, I will install the fronts and get on with the finishing of these three pieces and then to the armoire.

I got the re-saw thing for you guys and I also did a step by step on how I set up and adjustable finger jig. In this case, the Katie but it works well on any of them. Helps to avoid measuring and it is quick and accurate. As soon as I can I will get it written and get the photos up, but between now and this trip, I’m snowed under and speaking of snow, I’m not liking the looks of the North Eastern USA.

As all of you are aware, we went after sponsors to offset the costs of filming, that doesn’t really kick in until January and even then, it’s not making a living thing. It’s pretty minor actually, so having to do woodworking is still how we make a living and with all of this economic scare, DVD sales and stuff are down, so keeping the day job is a must. After December it calms a lot, actually after this big push it calms down.

The biggest thing is to get this router DVD over and done. What a disaster. What makes me so *(&)(*^&* mad is the uncaring, oh well attitude of the rendering companies (I have said it before).

Here in lies a huge problem with our economy. People want paychecks but don’t want to work. Then, when companies lay off or close because they can’t sell their goods due to super high wages and poor production, everyone gets mad. I got news for you all, you can’t fix “greedy and lazy” but “hungry” will help. I agree with the “No Work – No Eat” principal.

Speaking of eating and working, we will keep the woodworking stuff coming.

Catch Ya Later!

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3 Responses to Pushin’ Thru

  1. Larry Nagel says:

    I hear you Charles. Fortunately for me I am retired, but am feeling it like many, many people as far as their portfolios are concerned. Am watching my pennies real close until I see some light at the end of the tunnel. So far, the tunnel looks real long and real dark and a lot of us are having a hard time finding out where we put our flashlights.
    Am looking forward to receiving my copy of the Router DVD. Also, any indication of when you will be filming the Shaker clock video. I’m hoping it will be before your trip.

  2. Ken Weinert says:

    So, given the weather and your upcoming northeast tour I have a question: do you make skis out of hardwood?


  3. Denis Rezendes says:

    Mr Neil. when you go on your northeastern tour you might want to leave the sleeve less shirts at home πŸ™‚

    i agree with you about the not working thing. at shaws half the kids sit there and text and once it starts to get busy we get these long lines because non of them want to work and are bagging really slowly.

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