Monday…..Again ::sigh::

Okay, got the feet on the dresser and the night stands, pretty self explanatory.

I make my moldings to attach underneath the case, then I can screw the side molding on the underside and that will allow for expansion and contraction and no visible exterior means of attachment, works really well.

I glue the front and front corners of the sides, but the majority of the side molding is simply nailed or screwed on in slotted screw holes so the case can move independently.

The feet are “blocked.” Blocks are added to the back of the feet and they are simply screwed on, not difficult. I often use a brad nailer (I know) to tack the feet and molding, just hold it until I can get the screws in.

On the forum some were asking about miter slides. Here is a couple of photos of mine, works really well, nothing fancy. The plexiglas allows me to see the saw blade as the cut is made.

Okay, on to the drawers and then the armoire.

Sherri completed the typing of the “Woodworking as a Business” article, it’s been sent to those who have already requested it but if you would like us to send you a copy, just Email Us! Just remember, it is my view and my opinion, yours may vary and that’s okay. Ya gotta do what works for you and your market.

Okay, added a new sponsor today, more over at Sherri’s blog and on our Sponsor Page, check it out, the Sponsors allow us to keep doing the videos and all this other stuff!

Okay, the stereo is turned up and the coffee gone, time to get ROCKIN’!

Catch Ya Later!

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7 Responses to Monday…..Again ::sigh::

  1. Beautiful work! You sure get your moneys worth from that multiform router bit don’t you.


  2. intheworkshop says:

    yep, the profile i use is the one they never show…its sorta become my signature moulding, i use it on everything…it works well

  3. adteenagewoodworkers says:

    looking good. for the base molding do you do the same thing that you did in the finishing video on the molding for the bombe. that little circle thing. its looking really good. can’t wait to see them finished.

  4. intheworkshop says:

    denis…i didnt use the little round i just attached it ,as the case was sanded and ready to go, as well as the feet…just glued the front and the front corners of the moulding, then some screws in slotted holes for the side mouldings…the little round thing…is used to secure the corners, when the moulding is made to be removable

  5. Rob says:

    beautiful work, beautifull wood ,how did you get the cove on your feet. You make thing look so easy. You have a way of making things less complicated than they seem to be. Really enjoy you work.

  6. Denis Rezendes says:

    oh, i see. makes sense

  7. intheworkshop says:

    for those who missed it here is the little round thing Denis was refering to…the video of the day

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