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The Winner of the Chisel Set is Jim Hicks – Indiana

Good Morning and G’Day to our Australian friends. See, you guys didn’t know I spoke Australian, did ya? Hey, I speak several different languages, it’s English I have trouble with!

Okay, several asked how I attached the drawer runner to the face frame backer. I used a dowel, simple, 3/8″ dowel. Afterwards, I tried a pocket screw, it worked well and would be plenty strong here. I wouldn’t use a pocket screw on one of my reproductions or high end pieces as it would definitely not be considered correct, but I would probably want to. LOL!

I will be honest, some biscuits and pocket screws, like we did on the cabinets was super fast and strong and I didn’t have 10,000 clamps, that was nice. Unless it is “just a piece of furniture” or “cabinets,” I just don’t go that route, I use traditional methods.

Okay, I got the feet made for the night stands and the blanks for the dresser and armoire. I’ll cut them this morning as well as the molding. I got tied up with some other projects we’ve got going and ran out of time and energy.

I’ve got to tell ya, this little blog thing is growing and a lot of responses and emails. I will tell you again, if I do something you don’t understand….ASK! That’s why we’re doing it, or if you have a suggestion to another way….SOUND OFF! I don’t know it all and I like interaction, we all benefit.

Where does the clock stand? Simmering at the moment, got to get this stuff out first, it’s that paying bills/eating thing. That sure seems to get in my way a lot but I’m peddling hard, hang in there with me.

Yesterday was just “one of those days.” All the glue bottles were empty, all the dust collectors were full, broke a band saw blade right off (I have a band saw brazing kit that I got from Woodcraft, Click Here to Check It Out, didn’t have a spare so I had to fix it. Broke my glasses, there went another $19.95, GEEZ…and the day before I broke my Irish Coffee Mug….that made me mad…but Crystal is making me another. Crystal does painted glassware and stuff. Click Here to Visit Her Web Site.

Well, today I wrap up the making money and pricing write so all of you who have emailed, Sherri’s got you on the list and ready to send it as soon as I finish.

Before I get too far along on these walnut pieces, I need to re-saw my drawer fronts and that’s what I’m going to film. I’ve got a Powermatic 14″ Band Saw with a Riser (105″ blade) and a Jet 18″, it’s a re-sawing beast. I know that most of you only have the smaller band saws so I’m going with the 14″ and we will look at setting the fence for drift and which blades do best as well as using the table saw. I’m going to do this for you, so no red shirt, ya gonna get a sweat shirt and jeans and here it will be sort a down and dirty. Trying to show ya something, not impress ya. The pieces we are going to be sawing are the actual drawer fronts I’m gonna be using.

Catch Ya Later!

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3 Responses to G’Day

  1. When you glued your front feet did you use clamps or just the glue suction as you show us in the Keeping Chest dvd?

    Damn that jet band saw blade, did ya borrow it from a sawmill, geez.


  2. intheworkshop says:

    yep Ace the glue suction..if ya need a clamp .put it top to bottom..straddling the joint ,dont try to “Pull at the joints” with out having one on, or it will go all over the place..and usually letting the glue suction get a good inital grip does it..but the top bottom clamp will help hold it if you need it..as to the blade…yea its a 1 1/4 …3 tpi…but resaws like a dream…the fewer teeth per inch means bigger Gullets, so faster and easier sawdust removal…thus better cuts…it actually cuts smoother than you would think

  3. Denis Rezendes says:

    can’t wait for the resawing. since i just got a bandsaw i need some tips. Marc showed a really cool bandsaw blade on his podcast to. it was i think a 1 1/4″ 3 tpi carbide tipped bandsaw blade. that thing was a beast!

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