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Well, yesterday I got the cases for the night stands put together and the case for the double dresser and the face frame as well. Now I’m going to get the face frames on the night stands, then the drawer slides on all three. Then comes the base moldings and get the feet going. That will get the cases complete except for backs and drawers. I may go ahead and get the drawers done so these three can get to finishing, then do the big armoire. I didn’t want to wrestle all of it at one time so getting the three smaller pieces done and out of the way made sense.

I did these different than normal. Usually I just install the drawer dividers by using a sliding dovetail directly into the case sides, if you saw the Bombe Video you will see what I’m talking about, there is a shot of me driving a drawer runner into the dovetail slot on the sides of the case.

But, this is a “Suite” all needing to match and the armoir has to have face frames…a unit that big needs the face frames to help it from “racking.” Face frames keep it square, on this armoire I may also have to install one on the back. It’s 52″ wide so even a 48″ wide piece of plywood won’t make a back. Now, 52″ refers to the widest point, so the case itself will be about 49″, considering the top molding and protruding feet, but still it is wide. We’ll get it all worked out.

Considering that the armoire will get face frames, the nightstands and dresser are also getting them. Smaller, but want the look to carry through out. I’ll do a chamfer and some “lamb tongues” to dress them up a bit.

Now, the drawers are overlay, meaning they totally cover the opening and now here is where a half-blind dovetail is normally used, but I’m gonna do my applied fronts with through dovetails. I’ll show you why when we get there.

I’m about through with my “Making money and pricing your work” write. I’ve been doing some checking around to see what’s happening and what the clientele trend is.” What’s selling, what’s not, so that will be done in a day or so.

Got an order from a retailer yesterday for more DVDs, that means there selling, a heartfelt thank you – to all of you.

So, like the song says in the “Smokey and the Bandit” movies, We got a long way to go and a short time to get there” so another coffee and I’m at it.

On the Government and the Economy – Consider the government a huge group of beavers and the economy a river.

Catch ya later!

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7 Responses to Back to Making Sawdust!

  1. Off topic:

    I see the Ridgid edge sander in the pic. Have you used it much?


  2. intheworkshop says:

    yes it does Ace ..has the belt thing, as well as the spindal sander….its excellent..the table tilts I use it often..

  3. David Harms says:

    I think im going to pick up one of those rigid sanders.. the price is just right for the home shop, i really like your Jet spindal sander charles but for a hobby shop the price just isn’t justified.

    LOL!! – “On the Government and the Economy – Consider the government a huge group of beavers and the economy a river.”

    this is my new favorite quote!!

  4. intheworkshop says:

    hey david..I totally agree…I have a couple of the delta “Boss”..spindal sanders as well…bought them reconditioned…they do well too…but the little Ridgid is a good tool for the home , and it has held up well for me..when i do my chairs, all the legs and back splats get sanded on its gotten some heavy use and is still going strong…no objections from me here..I love the big jet , its fast, but , my world is much different from the hobby guy, but having a good spindal sander is nice…shaping scrolls and feet and a million other things..its one of those tools you dont use everyday, but when ya need it , its a life saver

  5. I have a craftsman oscillating spindle sander, just love that thing. Paid $50.00 on craigslist. Don’t now how I did with out it!


  6. Denis Rezendes says:

    I’ve been looking at the ridgid for awhile now. its just one of those tools that i always wish i had. gonna pull the trigger on one soon. just not sure how soon.

  7. Ken Weinert says:


    I was going to offer some “advice” on the armoire, but then decided that offering you advice on building furniture was a tad beyond the absurd. So, instead, I’ll tell a story and leave it up to you to decide if there’s anything worthwhile found in the telling.

    We have one of those armoires (not built by you.) It has two bottom drawers that are 10-12″ tall and one shallower drawer above them, in the 5-6″ range. Above that is the opening for the TV. On the shelf (top of the upper drawer) there’s an upside down U shaped shelf that leaves room for a DVD/VCR on one side and a drawer for tapes/DVDs on the other. It has a swivel mechanism for the TV on top. This U shelf sits on the shelf that’s the drawer top (ie, it’s not fastened to the sides.)

    Over time I can no longer completely close the upper drawer. It slides well, it’s just that there’s enough bow in that the drawer doesn’t close completely. It’s gone from an inset drawer to an overlapping drawer.

    Now, admittedly we have a 30-32″ tube TV so it’s not as light weight as a plasma or LCD TV will be. This happened over time so it wasn’t immediately apparent that there was a problem.

    I certainly understand that a custom built piece of furniture that you build is nothing like a factory built piece, but I thought that relating my story might help someone who designs a piece like this even though it’s most likely not of much use to you.

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