October 15, 2008

Win a WoodRiver 8 pc. Bench Chisel Set!
signed by Charles Neil

Join in celebrating Woodcraft’s 80th Anniversary. WoodRiver, only at Woodcraft. Another great sponsor of our On-Line Video Projects. This week we are giving away a WoodRiver 8-pc. Bench Chisel Set. Click on the Photo on the left for more details.

Here’s how to enter:

1. Visit Woodcraft and find out where and when Woodcraft was founded.

2. Visit our Forum and post your answer. (Note: You must be registered on the forum to post)

3. We’ll announce the winner next Monday, October 20, 2008.

Well, since I now got 42 cents in stocks, think its time to diversify! Been looking at options. Considering the economy, I’m goin’ with 10 cents each in Campbell’s Soup, RamenNoodles and Coleman (ya know, the tent folks) and considering the political climate, the remaining 12 cents, goin’ with Smith and Wesson.

Now, the Shenandoah Valley here has a good percentage of “Red Necks,” and ya got to love the way they think. Yesterday afternoon, a friend stopped by the shop all excited to show me his brand new 4/4 Pick Up – yep, a big diesel one. He tells me, “Hey, ya ought to go up there, they giving good deals on these.” Then he says, “I bet I can get up on top of that mountain now that it’s huntin’ season.”

I asked, “What kind a mileage are ya gonna get?” He answers, looking perplexed, “Oh, hey, they gave me a FREE tank of gas! I told the guy he would have to do that in order for me to get it, and can you believe this? HE DID! Good Deal, Huh!”

Seems the governments “Economic” plan is well rooted in Main Street America, where else can ya spend 30K to get a FREE tank of gas, and somehow, it makes sense!

Okay, enough on the economic front. Jeff is pretty well finished. Some assembly and he’s done. I got sidetracked yesterday so I need to get these bases out the door. Here are some pictures of how I make them.
First, a simple butt joint with a spline, I do it this way so I can hold the spline back towards the inside of the box as I have to 45 degree the corners, if I didn’t, the spline would be exposed.

Now, I’m fortunate enough to have a 36″ x 6″ edge sander. I got it primarily for these bases, I do a lot of them. I can set the miter gauge at 90 degrees and sand the outsides,
then at 45 degrees and sand the corners. By using 200 grit paper I all but eliminate hand sanding. Same with the bottoms and tops.

I use the drum sander to clean the tops and bottoms of the boxes so I need to wrap up the bottoms and the two top layers and it’s finish time. Because I have a lot of end grain, I simply seal all the end grains with some 2 lb. shellac, then light sand it with some 320 grit
to make sure it’s nice and smooth. The shellac will prevent the end grain from absorbing too much dye.

They like these to have a red tone so I have a red/brown dye I use. It’s NGR (non-grain raising), I spray it. So if I get some sap wood I simply wipe or spray a coat on it, let it dry and then dye the entire base and it just “goes away.”

I’m going to finish them with some General Finisheshigh performance water based finish. Quick, slick and very durable. I’ll add the cross-linker.

Got to slam these out, then on to the clock. Oh yea, there is a good comedy on TV tonight, think it’s called the “Presidential Debate” ya might want to catch it.

I’ll catch ya later!

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One Response to October 15, 2008

  1. Denis Rezendes says:

    sounds good. those walnut bases must be a nice little thing. just bang them out and you’re done. I’ve got my alarm set for the comedy on tonight to. wish i could woodwork but i have to babysit. at least there will be some good comedy on!

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