October 14, 2008

Win a WoodRiver 8 pc. Bench Chisel Set!
signed by Charles Neil

Join in celebrating Woodcraft’s 80th Anniversary. WoodRiver, only at Woodcraft. Another great sponsor of our On-Line Video Projects. This week we are giving away a WoodRiver 8-pc. Bench Chisel Set. Click on the Photo on the left for more details.

Here’s how to enter:

1. Visit Woodcraft and find out where and when Woodcraft was founded.

2. Visit our Forum and post your answer. (Note: You must be registered on the forum to post)

3. We’ll announce the winner next Monday, October 20, 2008.

Congratulations to Last Week’s Winner – Larry N of Lakewood, NJ

Got my walnut bases glued up….enjoyed George’s visit, we had some BBQ for lunch….good stuff!

George really wants to build a rocker so I’m thinking that would be a good project video, you many never make one, but at least you would have an understanding of how. Chairs and rockers are not hard, just look it. George said he would be available after January 1st so I think we will schedule it and if anyone else wants to join in, let me know.

Funny thing about politicians, about the time ya get halfway liking them, they talk ya out of it.

Good to see new folks on the forum. Welcome and don’t be bashful. I wrote in one of the welcomes that our forum and this blog is a little different than most, not a lot of rules and that it’s “of the people, by the people and for the people,” so enjoy!

Well, yesterday Jeff got everything scuffed and glazed, then I sprayed a heavy coat on using my “air assisted – airless” Kremlin spray system, it pressurizes the fluid and uses only about 8-10 lbs. of air,
Back of the Desk Hutch - Glazed/Not Glazed

Back of the Desk Hutch - Glazed/Not Glazed

so very little over spray. I put in a .011 fluid nozzle, that’s big…because I spray “very wet.” Any way, I was just flying through, Jeff and George watching. I got runs all over, now it was my own fault…too heavy….too wet. Actually I had a tip that was concentrating a heavy stream within the pattern and with as much fluid as I was spraying, I didn’t notice, but even so, I got runs. About 4 or 5 and I mean good ones, but I fixed them, here is how.

Sanding on Flat Only - 320 grit - BE CAREFUL!

Sanding on Flat Only - 320 grit - BE CAREFUL!

I used a good “Natural Hair” brush (synthetic if water base). I brushed them out, one or two I let tack up then gently put a piece of masking tape over the run and pulled the excess off. Some had set a little too long so I used the brush with some lacquer thinner to re-flow it and level it out. You want the big heavy part to be leveled the best you can being that thick it won’t dry all the way through so it’s hard to sand. Anyway, I leveled them out, then I put a little more finish on the area.
Scuffed surfaces for final - tack first

Scuffed surfaces for final - tack first

The reason for this is two fold, first, it will help it (brush marks) to further level and flow out, second, it gives me some extra material to sand.

I let it dry for 3 or 4 hours, then using some 320 grit sandpaper, sanded it smooth and level, put a light coat of finish on, now it has dried overnight. Everything is nice and smooth again.

Jeff is doing his final scuff to get it all super smooth. The heavy second coat gives us something to sand. Now plywood where we have such a thin veneer, a lot of sanding to really smooth the surface is not possible, so we work the finish. Sound’s crazy, but that heavy second coat gives us a primer, if you will to level and create a super smooth surface. Then we will put a third and final coat. Just to finish it off. We will have pictures tomorrow of the finished piece.

Okay guys, Rockin’ On

Catch Ya Later!

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4 Responses to October 14, 2008

  1. Denis Rezendes says:

    can’t wait to see the finished project. it looks great right now!

  2. Larry Nagel says:

    I definitely would like to make a rocker. So glad I bought the Finishing A to Z. Your explanation in your blog today about fixing the runs is also covered in the CDs. It just reinforces everything for me. Also makes me realize that even experts have to use all the tools in the bag when needed.

  3. Ken Weinert says:

    That’s *why* they’re experts. One day they started out with an empty bag and then, when they had a problem, they tried things, they asked other people, they found something that worked.

    Then they put it in the bag.

    End up with a big enough bag and you’re now an expert – but it wasn’t necessarily easy getting there 🙂

  4. intheworkshop says:

    never considered myself an expert…i have seen and heard those guys…didnt want the identity …im more of an experienced “oops” fixer… 🙂

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