Welcome to Monday~

Win a WoodRiver 8 pc. Bench Chisel Set!
signed by Charles Neil

Join in celebrating Woodcraft’s 80th Anniversary. WoodRiver, only at Woodcraft. Another great sponsor of our On-Line Video Projects. This week we are giving away a WoodRiver 8-pc. Bench Chisel Set. Click on the Photo on the left for more details.

Here’s how to enter:

1. Visit Woodcraft and find out where and when Woodcraft was founded.

2. Visit our Forum and post your answer. (Note: You must be registered on the forum to post)

3. We’ll announce the winner next Monday, October 20, 2008.

Congratulations to Last Week’s Winner – Larry N of Lakewood, NJ

I sure hope the stock market goes up, people are all grumpy and besides, I’m down about 39 cents.

Sherri has the new contest up, now, I have the chisels here at my shop so I’m gonna sign them, whoopee! I know. I wanted these as as a contest prize because I have a like set for my personal chisels, and love them. I want someone else to give them a try and tell us what ya think. I have other chisels that cost a ton more, but they don’t beat these.

Applying Stain as Glaze

Applying Stain as Glaze

Today Jeff is scuffing the first coat of finish with some 320 grit. Just enough to de-whisker it, then we are going to use the same General Finish Black Cherry stain as a glaze, a thin coat over the top of the finish. It really deepens the color. Also, there are a few defects that were evident after it got some finish on it, so a little Timbermate a light sand flush, stain over and done, then get the rest of the finish on.

Smoothing Out Stain into Thin Glazing Coat

Smoothing Out Stain into Thin Glazing Coat

Filling defects during finishing process.

Filling defects during finishing process.

Update on the Bubinga Slab (the cupped one): it is slowly moving back.

Remember those walnut award bases a couple of months ago for NASA? Well, got to make twelve more and I need to slam them out. I got some one common walnut (knots and some sap), cut it down, about 2/3 of it was usable walnut and the bases use small pieces so it served the purpose well. The price was about 70% less than FAS. I also found some nice feather crotches, remember, when ya find defects, you find figure.

George (aka Bop-pop) Jeff (aka chpcrvr)

George (aka Bop-pop) Jeff (aka chpcrvr)

While I am writing, George (aka Bop-pop) on the forum, who attended a finishing class last spring, came by to check out Jeff and how he’s finishing his desk. They are back in the spray booth. Jeff and Bop-Pop, walnut bases, seems I got a full day, but a good one. These guys are as good as it gets, super folks, glad to call them my friends, as well as you.

Sherri just got back from McDonalds. Gonna eat a “Southern Chicken” bisuit (as opposed to a Northern Chicken?), drink some coffee and get to it.

Catch Ya Later!

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11 Responses to Welcome to Monday~

  1. Ken Weinert says:

    Sorry to ask a dumb question, but “FAS”?

  2. intheworkshop says:

    FAS stands for first and seconds…means one face will yield a 90% clear face, and the second has to have an 80% clear (I think its 80)…it has to be at least 8’long and 6″ wide..its a hardwood grading scale , its the highest grade.

  3. Denis Rezendes says:

    very nice. i also like to buy the lower grades if i can for small stuff. you can work around them and its a lot lower. works good.

  4. Hey guys and gals:

    If you go to the Timbermate main web page the column to the left you can order a “sample” However I don’t know if its a “FREE” sample. Anyway give it a try and in the comments tell them you heard about it from woodworker Charles Neil of http://www.antiquesbuiltdaily.com I did lets see what happens?


  5. intheworkshop says:

    good Idea Ace here is the timbermate link…


    its the best ..simply put

  6. Mike says:

    Hey Ace I got my free sample last week. They sent me a small thing of Cedar filler. Didn’t get to try it out yet.

  7. Nate says:

    Charles….Did you thin the cherry stain before applying it as a glaze?

  8. Denis Rezendes says:

    just ordered my sample. told them all they need to know to be friendly with “the workshop of Charles Neil” for a long time 😉

  9. Steve Bolton says:

    “I sure hope the stock market goes up, people are all grumpy and besides, I’m down about 39 cents.”

    That is so funny I am going to steal it and put in on my website tomorrow.

    It is a little dishonest because my portfolio is down 34 cents.

    Steve Bolton

  10. intheworkshop says:

    hey nate..no i did not thin it..thats one of the things with GF waterbased stains..they are nice and thick, thats also why they dont blotch very bad..sort of a cross between a gel and a regular stain…no hype here guys..they are a bit pricey but wow do they work..think we will get some for a prize…but yo can thin them with some water for a sprayable toner if ya need to..

  11. intheworkshop says:

    hey Steve steal away..I think im up to about a + 16 cents…but that will probably last thru lunch…I keep telling myself it will all level out..but the government keeps talking me out of it

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