Well….excuse me!

Win a Drill Doctor 500X!

Drill Doctor - Model DD500X

Drill Doctor - Model 500X

We are proud that Professional Tool Mfg. is one of our On-Line Project Video Sponsors. Manufacturers of the Drill Doctor and the Worksharp and proud to be Made in the U.S.A. This week’s prize, compliments of Professional Tool Mfg. is a Drill Doctor, Model 500X. Click on the photo to the left to learn more about this great product.

Here’s how to enter:

1. Visit Drill Doctor or Worksharpand find out Where in the US they are made.

2. Visit our Forum and post your answer. (Note: You must be registered on the forum to post)

3. We’ll announce the winner next Monday, October 12, 2008.

Came in the door, I got this, that, four of this, nine of that to get done, so whatever needs filmed get it set up, get your blog wrote so I can type it, you need to learn to do this, you need to do that, ten of these, twelve of these, hmmmmm……welcome to Friday.

Jeff stained his Desk/Hutch yesterday. Used the General Finishes Black Cherry. It’s thick and doesn’t blotch much so we went with no blotch control. We got a little so I showed him how to use a damp rag and wipe it back in the areas it wanted to blotch which leaves the area lighter. We wiped back the panel, a whole side or top, don’t want to try to color in a spot, a full panel is easier. So I’m gonna
spray it with a light 1/2 lb. cut of shellac, a quick light scuff with some 600 grit, just to “de-whisker” it. Then stain it again to get the same color and even. We should have done a barrier coat first but all of our test samples were not blotching and just a few areas on the piece did. I knew we could wipe it back and control it as mentioned so we will be fine. This piece is made out of maple and birch plywood with solid edge facing and
solid doors and drawer fronts. Gonna look like a nice aged cherry once we color in the areas we wiped back. Then we’ll seal it all with a pre-cat satin lacquer, scuff it all to de-whisker it, then we’ll wipe it with stain again using the stain like a glaze. That will add a uniforming tone to the entire piece, deepen and enrich the color. It works well. Then another full coat of finish and a scuff until smooth, then the final coat and Jeff will be done.

JessEm Mortising Mill

JessEm Mortising Mill

Yesterday I got more filming done. Did some footage on the JessEm Mortise Mill, they also have what’s called a “pocket” version. It’s smaller and only does 1/4″ mortises. I’m gonna tell ya’ll more about it in the newsletter. Been getting a lot of questions about the, they do well and I want to tell ya all about them.

Well, like I said at the beginning, the boss is asking if this thing is ready yet so I best get to my chore list!

Catch Ya Later!

PS. Don’t forget the weekly contest, right now your odds are pretty good!

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2 Responses to Well….excuse me!

  1. Charles, is that the gentleman in the sugar chest dvd that chip carved? I don’t forget a face or in this case, the side of a face. šŸ™‚


  2. intheworkshop says:

    Yes it is…Jeff lives just a couple miles down the road..

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