How Flattering!

Taper Jig designed by Charles Neil

Taper Jig designed by Charles Neil

This afternoon I received an email with a link to a “NEW” Taper Jig. My woodworking friend pointed out how similar it is to the one I designed years ago and tried to market last year to no avail. Here’s the scoop.

Many years ago I designed this taper jig (photo on the left above) when my woodworking student’s were absolutely horrified of using the ol’ standard aluminum one that has been out there for years. Last year, we took it a step further and made prototypes, filed for a provisional patent which expired August 2008.

Our timeline:
May/June 2007 – Broadcast a video on showing our taper jig and for a short time we made and sold them ourselves until the demand was just too much for us to keep up with based on our equipment to produce them.

At this time we filed for a Provisional Patent with the US Patent Office to give us a year to look for someone to manufacture this jig. After presenting the jig to many outlets, we had no luck and therefore let the dream of getting this safe taper jig to the woodworkers die.

Summer 2007 – We noticed that almost all of the Woodworking Magazines jumped on the band wagon and printed plans to make your own.

August 2008 – The provisional patent expired so we decided to produce a video and pdf file giving you all the information you need to make your own. Click Here to Watch Tapering Safely!

So, we are flattered that a similar jig to OUR Jig is being manufactured and is getting out there for those of you who do not want to make your own. We still get requests asking for us to make them. Anyway, it is always flattering when someone duplicates your products, I’ve always felt this way with my furniture designs as well.

So…..that’s all I got to say about that!

Catch Ya Later!

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One Response to How Flattering!

  1. Denis Rezendes says:

    thats cool. it always brightens me up too to see someone taking a design of mine and copying it or better yet improving it. i can’t wait to hear more about the jig, i hope the quality of it is good,

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