Good Morning (it’s before noon)

Win a Drill Doctor 500X!

Drill Doctor - Model DD500X

Drill Doctor - Model 500X

We are proud that Professional Tool Mfg. is one of our On-Line Project Video Sponsors. Manufacturers of the Drill Doctor and the Worksharp and proud to be Made in the U.S.A. This week’s prize, compliments of Professional Tool Mfg. is a Drill Doctor, Model 500X. Click on the photo to the left to learn more about this great product.

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3. We’ll announce the winner next Monday, October 12, 2008.

Well, I cut up those claro walnut slabs I showed you the other day. I got enough for some super clocks. There was a ton of twist and cup but by roughing it out to rough sizes to get the smallest sizes we could , we got a lot more material. It’s a shame these big slabs had to be cut up…..but it was the only choice.

They shall live again. Clocks and Hanging Cupboards. Some local pen turners will also get some good use from the scrap and some guys have asked for some to use in segmented turnings. All of it is super curly and there is some burl. It is just gorgeous!

Now, even though it was cupped and twisted, it is dry and stable so once milled into usable lumber, it will stay straight . My 8″ Jet Jointer with a helical head was a life saver and now
I’m passing it through my Powermatic Planer, also with a helical head. This curly and burled material is like glass. I’ll go to final thickness with the drum sander.

Willow Run Custom Lumber - Yard

Willow Run Custom Lumber - Yard

Willow Run Custom Lumber

Well, went to Willow Run Custom Lumber yesterday (about 15 miles from my shop). Got some good footage, think you will like it. We’ve filmed a lot in the past few days so Sherri has to catch up. Pay attention to the veneers that Justin is cutting in the video, full 1/4″ thick, mostly crotches and figured selects. We’ll give ya more later.

This morning, Jeff Fleischer (chpcrvr) is at the shop and he’s gonna be staining and finishing a maple hutch and desk he made in his shop using plywood and solid maple. We’re gonna use General FinishesBlack Cherry water base stain. I’ll take some pictures and bring ya’ll along.

Let us have some feedback on the new videos we’ve put up in the past few days, A Visit to Good Hope Hardwoods, Un-Cup your Cup and Adjustable Shelves.

Catch Ya Later!

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5 Responses to Good Morning (it’s before noon)

  1. Ken Weinert says:

    That’s some very nice looking walnut, and you got more out of it than I would have guessed from the pictures the other day.

    I’ve been leaving feedback both here and over on the forum – you have a preference for where feedback on videos goes?

  2. intheworkshop says:

    Hey Ken, either place is fine…and yes we got a fair amount of walnut from the slabs..but it took some “creativity”…. šŸ™‚

  3. Denis Rezendes says:

    i agree with ken, you got a lot out of the slabs. really nice material.

  4. Larry Nagel says:

    Hi Guys,
    I have really enjoyed watching the Good Hope Hardwoods and the Uncup your Cup. Tried to uncup some plywood a couple of years ago, but just didn’t have the understanding then. Will have to try this again.
    I am having a problem with the finish on my second quilt rack. I used Whitewood stain, two coats; 3 coats of 1/2 lb shellac and a coat of clear coat. But then I noticed on one of the legs where it was light on some of the edges. I tried to do a little sanding in those spots and reapply another coat of the Whitewood stain. But it just didn’t seem to take. Then I got a little crazy and tried to remove as much of the entire finish of the whole leg as I could using a card scraper. Reapplied the Whitewood stain. It is not sticking like I want, so I put it on rather heavy and wiped it back very little. It seems to be drying very slow. Not happy at all.
    First, what is the best way to start over? Sand the whole thing back or what?

  5. intheworkshop says:

    Larry…Im not familar with Whitewood stain is that a color or a brand…is it oil based or do you know…what you will probably need to do is to scrape the leg again and then sand it some to give the stain some bite..if its an oil based stain it soaked in and sealed the wood..which keeps second coats from being absorbed…this is a case where having some good touch up markers saves your bacon…but we can fix this..let me know what the stain is and we will go from there

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