I’m Baaack!

Well, it was a good trip. I got everything accomplished and a bit more. The Bubinga Top is delivered and installed, we brought the original top back to make the client a table. We’ll show you some of the issues and talk about why in the coming day’s blogs.

Bubinga Island Top installed - Kennett Square, PA

Bubinga Island Top installed - Kennett Square, PA

We got to Good Hope Hardwoods Saturday morning. Got a lot of pictures and film as well, as soon as Sherri gets it ready we’ll get that up. Some good stuff. Norman and Skip actually sawed a small tiger maple log for you to see, explained a lot about sawing logs and what is involved in the Specialty Lumber business and you’ll see some impressive wood.

Woodcraft - Towson, MD (from L to R)  Byron, Gary (Mgr), Charles, Brad & Leonard

Woodcraft - Towson, MD (from L to R) Byron, Gary, Charles, Brad & Leonard

Enroute to deliver the Bubinga, we stopped by the Towson, MD Woodcraft. I can’t seem to get to Good Hope or any parts north without stopping by. Met the guys who work there, talked some shop and headed on up the road.

Meeting Up with Friends - (from L to R) Ray, Charles & Mike

Meeting Up with Friends in Harrisburg, PA- (from L to R) Ray, Charles & Mike

After we left Good Hope on Saturday about noon, we headed over to Harrisburg, PA. A little different route home but about the same distance and we wanted to visit the store. I knew that Mike Galloway “Mikega” lived close, so we gave him a call and we met at the store.

Woodcraft - Harrisburg, PA (from L to R) Dan, John, EJ (Mgr), Charles, Ray (Owner) & Mike

Woodcraft - Harrisburg, PA (from L to R) Dan, John, EJ (Mgr), Charles, Ray (Owner) & Mike

Nice store, my understanding is that it just got new owners, new inventory and is going strong. Both stores looked well stocked and have lots of events planned. While I was there, E.J, the store manager, asked if I would sign some DVDs.

E.J. (mgr) and Charles signing store DVDS

E.J. (mgr) and Charles signing store DVDS

I met some new folks and was scoping out if there were any tools I wasn’t familiar with. There were, so I investigated them a little bit.

Mike and I had a nice visit, he’s building a new vanity for his remodeled bathroom. Doing it out of cherry. I encouraged him to put it out on our forum as he does it so we can tag along and see how a turner and carver builds a cabinet! While he was there he picked up the clock works and hardware for the upcoming Hancock Shaker Clock project, said he’s gonna make three of them.

When I walked in, Ray was checking out a customer’s purchases and had to excuse himself several times to help someone out. Great visit to both stores, if you’re in their neighborhood, check them out. Lots of great folks and Ray and Mary Winkler (the new owners, we didn’t get to meet Mary) are great. I really enjoyed meeting all of the guys at both stores, it was a lot of fun. Thanks guys, ya made my trip. Keep up with their specials, classes and events at their web sites. Woodcraft – Towson, MD and Woodcraft – Harrisburg/York, PA, check ’em out!

We hope to travel to some more Woodcraft stores soon and hopefully can meet ya there. We’ve been invited back to both stores plus Allentown so stay tuned, we’ll let ya know when we’re travelling again.

So, I’ve got more filming to get done, clocks to build, cabinets to build, a walnut bedroom suite (less the bed, they got that a couple years ago) and wrap up some projects I have had way too long on the back burner.

Stay tuned, we’ll get all the videos up and pictures and get started on the next group. Had a box from the post office sitting outside the door when I returned, I’ll tell ya all about that tomorrow.

Catch Ya Later!

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Drill Doctor - Model 500X

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6 Responses to I’m Baaack!

  1. David Harms says:

    Bubinga looks great!!

  2. Ken Weinert says:

    So, let me know when you’ll be out at the Denver store and I’ll stop by to see you 🙂

    Is this how you plan your vacations? Stopping at cities with Woodcraft stores in them? 🙂

    That bubinga looks great. I had sort of a general question about it – does it make you “nervous” when you work on big chunks of expensive wood like that?

  3. charles neil says:

    Ken, there was a time when it made me nervous..but i got over it…I have been at this for so long..i really usually dont think about it..thats why this blog is good for me..it makes me think about when it was an issue,and i get to share it…Im hoping some of the guys will go for some nice pricey material to do the clocks and the hanging cupboard out of..and with a guiding hand they can reach another level…..i learned along time ago…keep the construction simple and let the wood do the work…people like exceptional and will pay for it, and nothing does exceptional better than mother nature

  4. Matt says:

    Absolutely gorgeous babinga counter top! Keeping the driver in the picture is a nice touch. 🙂

  5. Denis Rezendes says:

    that bubinga is some amazing stuff! can’t wait to see the good hope hardwoods video. watching the adjustable shelving video right now and its really interesting!

  6. charles neil says:

    hopefully the goodhope video will be up tomorrow, Sherri is working on it…

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