Will Ya Miss Me?

Leavin’ bright and early tomorrow morning for Landenberg, PA to take the Bubinga slab to its new home.  I’ll take my laptop with me but don’t know if I’ll have time to log on or not, so ya gonna miss me?  We’re excited about filming at the sawmill and give you some insight as to what happens to those logs before you get them.

The video “Rubbing Out a Finish” is up as of today on Brightcove TV, Youtube – Part 1 and Youtube – Part 2, and of course, our Web Site.

Okay, I need to be sure you get the “Rub Out.” I sanded with 1200 to get base for semi-gloss, then rubbed it with the Abralon 2000 to finish it off. Where you see me doing the edge, I was using the 2000 grit Abralon, not sanding.

Think of a “mil” as a sprayed coat, 3 to 4 wet coats are about 3-4 mils. Takes 6-8 of oil or gel. Eight is better than six. It’s simple really, ya got to have something to sand and rub and I know this, ya’ll are saying, I don’t want to go through all that.” That’s okay, but if ya want to do it, now ya know how. I did it just because I had the Bubinga slab and thought it was something you could catalog in the event something similar comes your way, you would know how to approach it. Big slabs for tables and counter tops are pretty popular and growing. That’s also why I want to take you with me to Good Hope Hardwoods, it’s another good source and it will be a treat to see as well. Our stuff reaches a lot of professional and semi-pro people and I hope this helps all of you to at least have an understanding.

All right, today we’re gonna film some more. Don’t know if Sherri will have time to get it up before we leave tomorrow morning, but if we can….we will.

The shop is about shovelled out but then we get to move everything around so we can film. I got wheels on everything that I can attach them to but it still takes a lot of moving and setting up, but hey, it’s worth it. Was wondering if I needed to film the “spline thing to remove the cup” or did you get it. I’ll do it if ya want it. I got a ton of emails saying how it helped a lot of folks. I’m glad, that’s one nice thing about this blog and you coming along, little things like the spline are something I would just do and forget about, but it’s stuff that can help you out when you need it, it’s the simple things that can make a big difference.

On the clock and the hanging corner cupboard, we’re gonna take it slow and easy, making sure you get not only what we are doing, but why. Why is as important as how because if you know why, then you can more easily figure out how with what you are doing and what you have in your shop.

My objective is to take you through to the big, tough looking stuff that you thought you could never do, because you can. Gonna walk you through, one step at a time. So…..Again….if you have a question or are unclear of something, speak up or better put, raise your hand. And if you prefer to address something more private than the blog or forum, JUST EMAIL me! I’m here.

I’m going to do the shelf supports. Yep, it’s more work than drilling holes and sticking shelf pins in, but clients sure like them and it’s different, unique….that’s what sells. Little stuff like pegs and some exposed joinery, nice material, well finished, that’s what gets the attention and it’s what people are willing to pay for. It’s also what separates you from the rest, the little extra effort will also make you a lot happier with yourself.

Catch Ya Later!

Sherri got a new blog up ..check it out ….

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9 Responses to Will Ya Miss Me?

  1. Larry Nagel says:

    Just watched the “rubbing out a finish”. Great!! I have the A-Z set on finishing, but the video was very helpful. I also purchased Bob Flexner’s “Understanding Wood Finishing”. I like to look at portions of A-Z and then get Bob Flexner’s view on a particular point. You put all the stuff together and you form your own plan on how you want to do your finishing.
    Yes, I would really like to see the “spline thing to remove the cup”

  2. Bob Flexner???????? He couldn’t carry Charles Neil boxer shorts….he he he 🙂


  3. intheworkshop says:

    Sorry Ace..I disagree..Bob is excellent…as well as Jeff Jewitt, Michael Dresdner, and Teri Masaschi…all these folks bring alot of information to the table…different techniques and formulas…My intent was to do two things…clarify the books thru a visual understanding, and try to simplify this finishing thing…What Larry is doing is learning…but he now has the basis of knowledge to allow him to do that…I hope we helped him do that

  4. intheworkshop says:

    Oh yea Larry filming the cupped panel spline thing now…..had to use a piece of plywood..wouldnt ya know I couldnt find a cupped anything else…perhaps thats a good thing…

  5. Ken Weinert says:

    I got wheels on everything that I can attach them to …

    So, Sherri knows how to roller blade?

    Sorry, couldn’t resist. Aside from the table saw (and the incomplete router table) everything I have doesn’t need wheels to move it around – I just pick it up and move it.

    No, I’m not Popeye – I work on things in a much smaller scale and since I’m just getting started I have what would be considered “hobby” equipment. A 9″ bandsaw, for instance. I have to admit that I’ve already found disadvantages to that. They don’t make fences and such for those smaller tables.

    Oh well, live and learn. I did pick up an Incra jig for the router table I’m building. That table will need wheels to move it, I think. It’s turning out heavier than I thought it would.

  6. Well Charles Neil you sure know how to hurt a guys feelings 😦 I thought you were the “most” excellent. hmmmmmm? 🙂


  7. intheworkshop says:

    Ace..didnt mean to hurt your feelings…but hey , there are alot of good finishers and woodworkers out there, and even the basic beginner ,you can learn from…

  8. intheworkshop says:

    Ken…I would have more wheels..but they are expensive and besides ..you need some where to roll them to..my shop , while pretty good size seems to get , smaller everyday.

  9. Denis Rezendes says:

    just finished watching the rubbing out video! great video! very nice! i can’t wait to see the videos that are coming out. the shelf supports are very interesting! can’t wait for Good Hope Hardwoods, and can’t wait for the clock. still got to get the quilt racks done though. they’re coming along!

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