Well, despite my best of intentions, I didn’t do anything yesterday after the cabinets left. I was just kind of ready to take a break….so I did.

Today I clean, but I got some help, a young man who has helped me before is giving me a hand, that’s good. I’m thinking I really need to build some cabinets to put some of my “stuff” in. Running out of space. I know you know the feeling, no matter how big your shop is, it isn’t big enough….ever. But with all of that needs to be done, time won’t allow. We’ll see.

Today not a lot of excitement going on…just cleaning, but then we can get to messing it up again, that’s the good part.

Glad ya’ll liked the cabinets. We got a few more pics of them sitting in the house, not installed, but you can maybe get a feel for where or what they may look like.

Now I know I really shouldn’t do this, but ya know, sometimes ya got to get stuff off ya chest and just being able to have your opinion heard is a big relief and with all this economic mess and stuff I’m gonna ask Sherri to set up a post on the forum, will call it Sound Off!. Now, we are not going to get into politics or debate it, that’s not good, but you can sure give your opinions and I’m asking everyone to respect others. Just remember, it’s ok to disagree and no ones opinion is more important than the other. I just feel that folks need an outlet and since it’s “OUR” forum, we can do that, no republicans, no democrats, just folks and that includes all my friends from other countries too.

Not sure where we are at on the clock, Sherri has been running wide open as well but after today I think we can settle down to the good stuff. I must confess I’m very pleased with our number growth, it just keeps growing at a steady pace. A lot of “lurkers” and if you are one, feel free to join in and if something is going on you don’t understand, ask, email if you don’t want to post.

I got some glass door bits, gonna test them out. When I film the door thing I want as many options as I can get. Ya know there are a lot of ways to do things and having options is a good thing, and speaking of options, I asked Denis aka Teenagewoodworker to post his video on mortise and tenons. He posted it on his   Lumberjocks’s Blog (Click Here). He did a super job of it. We have mentioned that we are going to do a LowBoy, well the draw bore is an absolute must in that it is used to attach the sides and back. The exception is that we slot the tenon hole so the case sides can expand and contract.

Weekly Contest – September 29, 2008 to October 6, 2008
Lot’s of participation in our Weekly Contest. The winner of Week #1 is David Harms of Katy, TX. David will receive from Woodcraft Supply some George’s Club House Wax!

36 pack Painters Pyramids

36 pack Painter's Pyramids

To enter this weeks contest (ends Monday, October 6, 2008) just join our Our Woodworking Forum and post in the thread “Painter’s Pyramids” how you might use the painter’s pyramid, there are thousands of ideas out there! Each post gets you an entry into the Weekly Drawing.

Stay tuned, new prizes and sponsors each week.

Okay, I got to get to doing today what I should’ve done yesterday….Hmmmm….maybe I should have been a politician.

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3 Responses to Whew!

  1. Denis Rezendes says:

    those cabinets are looking nice! the owners must love them! i know how you feel about your shop never being big enough. i know mine is pretty small but still i’m always trying to find new solutions to storage. a hand tool/turning tool cabinet is next on the list. gonna use some finishing techniques on the poplar too 😉 man i just love finishing!

  2. Ben Birdsill says:

    I agree, Denis. I read a poll on some site where they asked woodworkers to rate their biggest dread or dislike, and the number one thing was finishing. I couldn’t believe it – finishing is where your creation comes to life and where the payoff is. It’s the finish that makes the project stand out.

  3. Denis Rezendes says:

    yep thats mainly because people don’t want to do anymore than wipe on wipe off. don’t want to have to do test pieces and the like. and you can’t afford really nice hardwoods for every projects so people do the wipe on wipe off on pine and poplar and it just doesn’t work like that. finishing is a really nice thing to know.

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