Crash an Burn

Well its Saturday morning, got to get everything ready to leave in the morning, then Im gonna go do a lot of nothing….its been a pretty intense month, and Im feeling it, but hey a couple days down time and I’ll be right back at it,

Monday  we going to rub the Bubinga, maybe head out to Good Hope Hardwoods on Tuesday, or Wednesday, then get the newsletter wrote, this is a special one ,I think you will enjoy it, and you will definately be inspired…clean the shop , and get to filming,.

I hope on Monday we can get the material and hardware list up on the clock, it will be on Sherri’s blog, and will be in the newsletter as well, as i have told you ,I ask Bob Kloes to put together some kits , as Bob has the means to prep the stock, (sanded) ,and has some super nice material, I know he has some birdseye, curly maple ,and im sure what else, but I will get all that together and give you the details on Monday, now the reason I ask Bob to do this , is because I know alot of you do not have the means of processing lumber, and particulary figured material, so i thought it would be nice if you had a source that can help ya out, and Bob goes the extra mile…just how it is…not trying to sell ya anything just available if ya need it…

As i guess you have figured out, Sherri isnt typing this morning,  its just me, shes headed to North Carolina with her daughter, so ya stuck with me….so this is gonna be short.

Alright , gonna head out to the shop, start getting everything ready to go, clean up a little and call it a day.

See ya on Monday, Ill be checking emails, so if ya got something, lets hear it,

be Safe,

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1 Response to Crash an Burn

  1. Denis Rezendes says:

    yep i can agree with ya on mr kloes stock. its nice stuff. and my quilt racks are gonna be nice because of it! got to get working on those too. have the uprights all done except its raining and i don’t think its the best idea to carry the uprights to my friends house in torrential downpours :). but once the rain stops. I’ll be back on track.

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