September 24, 2008

Well, yesterday was fun….made the “Z” battens and painted the bases and got to sand, fun, right?

Cabinet Doors Hung

Cabinet Doors Hung

Enduro Black Satin for Bases

Enduro Black Satin for Bases

Z battens on Door Backs

"Z" battens on Door Backs

Today I will start the final finishes, have to put together the big refrigerator unit and make a wine rack thing. Make some moulding to go around the top cabinets, more shelves and stuff like that but for the most part, all the main stuff is done.

Here is where all of this can go wrong. If the contractor who installs these “slam it down” type crews, who just start screwing everything without a lot of concern that every thing is set level and square….there will be problems. Flush doors and drawers are not very typical cabinets. If you install them and start racking the cabinets, doors come out of align, drawers as well and we don’t have Euro style hinges that allow a lot of adjustment. So we will photograph fit and finish well and send an “Install” letter along with the cabinets because extra care has to be taken. That is why we did the bases seperate. You can set and shim to level the bases then sit the cabinets on them and the upper simply hang on French Kleats which I have yet to show you. They allow you to attach a strip to the wall, screwing where you need to to get into the studs, then you can ship to insure it’s level and straight then hang the cabinet. Not a bunch of screws through the cabinets into the wall, but like I said, if they just start slamming this stuff in, it’s not going to work.

Those doors we “fixed” are still nice and flat and holding true….yea buddy!

On the forum we have some photos of some quilt racks and we are fixin’ to start making the clock. That will be fun. I got some “stuff” in to do some videos on….cool stuff. I’ve been testing it out. Now I’m not a polite tester, I give it *)(_$#(*) and I don’t like over-complicated. I like things well made and simple, that’s exactly how I build. Some times it may seem a little confusing, but it isn’t. It’s just getting a good basic understanding and foundation and letting your confidence build. I’m gonna say it again, “The more ya do, the more ya know, the more ya know, the more ya do.”

Thanks for all your nice comments, both public and private, they mean a lot.

Gonna wrap up these abinets and get to something new. I have another set to do but these will be Euro style hinges, plywood and MDF, gonna get painted. Sounds boring, maybe, but here is another look at the same animal and you will see the premise is the same. We’re gonna work these in along with our clock and other filming that is priority. Then we have a bedroom suite, more out of walnut, and chairs and more chairs and some this and that. We’re not gonna run out! I promise.

Just in case you haven’t heard yet, we announced a weekly contest here In Our Workshop, here’s the details one more time!

Got something new for ya, a weekly contest, and we’re gonna start small and build. So, every Monday morning in my blog, I’ll be asking a question about one of our sponsor’s products, about woodworking, or somethin’. I’ll tell you each Monday how to enter that week and then announce the winners the following Monday. This week you can enter the contest by posting a comment to any of my blogs this week. You may enter multiple times as long as you include the answer to the question each time at the end of your comment. For each correct answer posted, your name will go into the hat and next Monday we will announce the winner of our weekly prize. One more thing, once you post your comment and answer, the correct answer will be removed and replaced with “Correct Answer”. So here’s this week’s contest question/task and prize.

As most of you are aware, what to finish those cutting boards, salad bowls, and items that come in contact with food is an on-going discussion with woodworkers. New to the woodworking scene is a great Food Safe Wood Finish called George’s Club House Wax. Now available at Woodcraft. Tell us the ingredients and you could win some George’s Club House Wax, compliments of Woodcraft and The Workshop of Charles Neil.

Let’s get to it!

Catch Ya Later!

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4 Responses to September 24, 2008

  1. Denis Rezendes says:

    sounds good. the cabinets are looking good. i can’t wait to see the clock too. i think that looks like a really cool project!

    contest: Correct Contest Answer

  2. David Harms says:

    im looking forward to takeling a cabinet job myself someday, wont be for a while unless i do it for someone else. In our current house I’m just going to redo the doors a drawer fronts and add some molding.

    Still working on my quilt racks, going slow lots of day work to do, you know how that goes!

    Correct Contest Answer

  3. Wayne Raley says:

    Cabinets look very good….your sealing and staining are always impressive work.
    Contest Answer Correct Keep up the great work and blog.

  4. Dave Charron says:

    I have really been enjoying the blog, thanks for bringing us along for the ride!

    Contest answer:
    Correct Contest Answer

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