Ain’t I Done Yet?

Well, as is typical I’m way behind, had a lot of stuff going yesterday, but I’m getting there.  Not a lot to show on the cabinets, pieces and parts, but hang tight.

Now I probably shouldn’t write this but hey, I’m among friends, right?  The client with the tiger maple stuff who don’t like the color, I mean he keeps telling me it’s red.  It’s my New England Maple, it’s orange, how he gets red is beyond me and everyone who has seen this dye.

I’ve always tried to go the extra mile, usually late getting there, but I don’t compromise on quality at all. I always try to give the benefit of the doubt, so true to form, I told the client I would strip and refinish the pieces, didn’t feel I owed it, but would do it. My stipulation was that when they were dyed, he would have to be here and sign off on each piece.

What I got back was an email showing me he had bought a spray gun, some finish (oil) and some tint and some filler. He’s going to do it himself. Now, that’s a new one, but it will be the best thing he could do. A good shot in the arm of what it takes will be a lesson well learned. I’ll leave the offer on the table ’cause he’s going to need it, but for now I’m going to let him enjoy.

Back to the cabinets. We’re having a tough time dealing with blotching and all that, if ya don’t know it, yellow pine and especially pine plywood is about as tough a wood to stain/dye decently as it gets….it is super tough. I got the color matched, but getting it even is a challenge, a big one, but I think I’ll get there. It’s going to require a barrier coat and then a wipe stain and perhaps a light mist coat sprayed but I’ll take ya along because if you can get this even colored you can do anything…stay tuned.

The box elder is doing good and the filming list has grown so I got to get these cabinets out. The bubinga top rubbed out and delivered and do the GoodHope Hardwoods tour and then I can breath a little and get to filming cause I think we have some good stuff to show ya and if you have any suggestions, let us know. I’ll do my best.

Okay, Contest. Been working with the sponsors on collecting some great give-aways to you folks. Lookin’ real good. Sherri will post details on her blog and in the forum and of course we always send reminders to newsletter subscribers.

Well…Sherri wore old clothes today, gonna “clean” the shop. See, I told ya that “allergic” thing works. LOL

Catch Ya Later!

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6 Responses to Ain’t I Done Yet?

  1. Hey you just created a new business opportunity…custom naked furniture LOL


  2. Wait a minute…I just went back and viewed the post…you said a “CONTEST” ya mean we could possibly win something???
    🙂 🙂

  3. Texas Timbers says:

    Your blog is such an encouragement Charles. When I want to pull my hair out around here, I simply stop what I am doing, take a seat in front of the laptop for a minute and read about your travails. And I realize . . . . it could be alot worse. hehe

    Hang tough . . . (we have no choice anyway). 😉

  4. Denis Rezendes says:

    wow i can’t wait to hear how that goes with the costumer thinking he can do it. maybe he can. but not with oil, tint, and his first time spraying! he’ll be back 😉

  5. intheworkshop says:

    Denis you are correct..his combo of “stuff” isnt going to work..but he needs to find that out on his own…if ya know what i mean..but I just want to be sure I did the right thing…I would rather bite the bullet and redo them then to have an unhappy client ,even if it isnt my fault

  6. Denis Rezendes says:

    yep. thats just like when i was a little and we got chinese food it would have that hot mustard that my dad liked a lot. i wanted to try it and my parents always said no its too hot and i would complain. and this happened with me, my brother and my sister. so i’ve seen it happen too. they say alright fine. well needless to say it was too hot, i learned my lesson, and it did me good 🙂

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