Pushin’ On

Yesterday I got some more boxes made, bases made and face frames but I messed up and did a face frame wrong.  Two corner units, one has a partial face frame, the other a full one.  I got them reversed so I get to make one over.  Don’t you love “stupidity?”  Especially when it’s your own!  See, I could never be a big time TV Woodworker ’cause I make mistakes and I can’t work in dress shirts. LOL!

I’ve been using pocket screws, man are they fast.  My only complaint is the narrow face frame (1 1/4″) mateirial I could only get one screw in and I could twist it some.  Now the joints are going to be backed up by some internal bracing so it’s not an issue but attaching the face frames to the case and every other application they did extremely well.

Out on my forum some have asked about the JessEm Zip Slot Mortiser.  I did a clip on it for Woodcraft and I have one, it uses a special drill bit and a hand held drill to cut mortise slots and it does well.  It’s not lightning quick, it uses a drill, but it’s a lot faster than you would think.  It’s nice.  I got all the 3/8″ stuff with mine. Click Here for More Information

Also had questions on the Kreg Bench Hold Down. This is sweet but they also make the clamp track that can be inset into a bench as I did or any arrangement you want. The plate is stronger than the track. With the track you need to clamp on top of it, a pinch if you will ’cause the aluminum extrusion could be pulled up by the clamp pressure. This isn’t a negative, just an observation. The plate is 1/4″ thick steel, don’t move and it don’t have the large area of force to deal with.

Okay, back to the cabinets. Had to get my gloves out cause this pine plywood gave me a few splinters from the rough back side. My hands were starting to look like a porcupine. Rock on.

Catch Ya Later!

PS..Check the comments i made a mistake in installing the Klamp track…But i fixed it

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2 Responses to Pushin’ On

  1. intheworkshop says:

    ok guys…my mistake..talked with the folks at kreg about the klamp track..I installed it wrong.. I just popped some screws into it .and the clamp pressure would cause it to lift up..they told me it was designed to be “BOLTED” to the bench and they suggest bolts approx every 4″.. it has the slots on the underside to accommodate the bolts….did it..now I can clamp anywhere i want…I guess yesterday was one of those where Mr Murphys law prevailed…guess i should have read the instructions before i just went at it..hummm…there is a lesson here..hope ya got it…I did

  2. I have one of the bench hold downs, started using it last week, just looove it.


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