September 16, 2008

Yesterday I told ya I was gonna clean my shop – I LIED!  I picked it up but in the front is where I got to working on the cabinets, need to move them to the back.  Here’s what it looks like at the moment.

The plywood has set for a week and it has dried some. It’s made a huge difference.

Plywood Stack - Dried

Plywood Stack - Dried

It’s not perfect but at least it’s laying flat enough to get it sawn decently. It actually did so well I was able to slide the panels through the drum sander with some 120 grit so I have will have pretty smooth and clean interiors. A quick sand with some 150 grit on a random orbital and we’re done.

Sanding yellow pine usually doesn’t work very well, it will gum up the paper, but the faces of this plywood had dried enough that I got by with it.

Now, I build cabinets a little different than most. I use a separate base set back under the front of the cabinet 3 1/2″ to give the toe-kick. Then, when you set the bases, level them, screw them to the floor and sit the box on top. This allows for shimming the bases level and installation is a lot easier. I also paint the base faces black, it gives a shadow look, you’ll see. The base thing also allows for easier wiring and plumbing should it need to be run under the cabinets. Every contractor who has used my cabinets like it. I also use french cleats to hang the upper units, more on that later.

The stuff for the clock arrived yesterday so need to think some on that. I’ve got to tell ya, the clock wasn’t one of my choices. I didn’t have it on my initial project list but Sherri decided to put it in and it won, need I say more? On to the cabinets. Sherri will be showing you the clock hardware and one of my original clocks. I’m going to build two, one with the through dovetails, I might spline dovetail it, like the feet on the step back, not sure yet. The other one we’ll do simpler. Gonna do one out of tiger maple, the other I was thinking some cherry or walnut. BigBob said he has some “white Birdseye” Wow – that would be nice. I like that.

Just so you know, we are gonna do the “Hanging Corner Cupboard” as well. There is a lot of good technique in it. So hang on guys, we have a lot coming. It’s getting “Shop Time” weather so this weekend go clean out the shop, check all your tools and get ready to rock.

Catch Ya Later!

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7 Responses to September 16, 2008

  1. Texas Timbers says:

    You can still easily walk through your shop. The USMC has asked me if they can use mine on weekends as their obstacle course. Ha.

  2. intheworkshop says:

    well trust me ..I been steady working on not being able to walk thru it…

  3. Denis Rezendes says:

    looks just about like mine yesterday. cleaned up though. its a lot easier when your space is only 12 by 20 and you don’t have 5 projects too keep you busy.

  4. intheworkshop says:

    I aint sure about that Denis….I had 15000 sq one time..looked about the same..he he he

  5. Larry Nagel says:

    Finishing up my Quilt Racks. The first one is built but not finished. Was waiting for Finishing A-Z before I started the finish. The second one is going way, way faster than the first. Been very informative and interesting. Learned a ton of stuff.
    I voted for the clock, but am very interested in the Hanging Corner Cupboard as well. Looking forward to doing them both.

  6. Sherri says:

    I’m really excited to see everyone’s quilt racks as they finish them. Don’t forget to send me photos so that I can post them in the project gallery.

    Denis, Larry, Ace!

  7. I’ll get on that quilt rack after the Keeping Chest!


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