September 13, 2008

Well, it’s Saturday morning and all is doing well. Ed, who helps me occasionally is going to drive this stuff up to Washington, DC tomorrow evening. That gave me an extra day, that was good. Got a little rest last night.

Today I have to wrap up the bottom case…finish it and the step back is done. Sherri will glaze the glass in using the modeling clay trick, man…that works so well. Maybe she will take some still photos that we can show you. Tonight it will all be assembled and ready to leave. I’ll get pictures before it goes so you can see the finished product.

I took another shot of the poplar/walnut. Here is a view of the top of the crown where you can see the poplar joining the walnut, you can also see the expansion and contraction gap that I left.

Walnut Crown/Poplar Top - Expansion/Contraction Gap

Walnut Crown/Poplar Top - Expansion/Contraction Gap

Monday I am going to try and film a few things, the shelf supports, the Kehoe Jig and the “Make Poplar Look Like Walnut” thing. Then I’m going to bust the cabinets out the door on Friday.

I’m pretty excited. We got a nice order yesterday from Hartville Tool. They will be carrying our DVDs in a few weeks. Woodcraft emailed about us doing some store appearances and about us filming some more clips for their new products.

Hartville Tool and the store thing came about by their customer requesting both. That was way cool because all this is for the folks and it’s nice to know they like what we are doing. I will be glad to get these project orders caught up so we can schedule time to really get into the Free Project Videos, I think they will be a good thing. I got an email from a woodworker the other day, he said “Watching your videos makes me feel like I’m going to woodworker’s college.” That was nice.

This DVD/Video thing will probably never be a full-time – make a living thing, but it is nice to be able to do it. I really enjoy it, it is a ton of work but worthwhile for everyone, I hope.

While the opportunity for us to do personal appearances at some Woodcraft stores to teach or visit, this is decided by the individual store owners, I hope we get to get out and meet a lot of you. While I’m not a fan of the “public in general,” I do like people, especially woodworkers. It is a nice common ground and a good family to be a part of.

Okay, I’ve gotta get this puppy wrapped up and gone. Few pics below. cause me and you got bigger fish to fry than this stepback so I’ll catch ya later.

Applied Drawer Fronts

Applied Drawer Fronts

Dovetailed Drawer Contrast

Dovetailed Drawer Contrast

Drawer Tower in Bottom Case

Drawer Tower in Bottom Case

Top Case Masked in Finishing Room

Top Case Masked in Finishing Room

Finishing the Doors

Finishing the Doors

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10 Responses to September 13, 2008

  1. Denis Rezendes says:

    wow that walnut looks so beautiful! i can’t wait to see everything up and together! the applied fronts look really good too. gives it the half blind look without all the fussin’

  2. intheworkshop says:

    excellent Denis i was going to wait and see how many caught that…I have told you often I do drawers in a rather unique manner…I never cut half blinds…I can..but years ago i came up with the applied front in order to save on expensive figured material and be able to do book matches and the like…it worked so well it just became the way i do it..and besides if i mess up a drawer I can fix it before the front is applied and no one is the wiser….I got BIg Bob doing it this way ..Im sure he will comment as well

  3. birdsill says:

    After watching your glazing video, I decided to try the modeling clay thing on a curio cabinet I’m making, but all I’m not finding colors that match at all. The craft stores here seem to go with bright colors. Where’s the best place to search for clay that would match?

  4. intheworkshop says:

    Birdsill I think she got it at Michaels …a craft doesnt have to match perfect…


  5. bob says:

    Birdsill, I got it at hobby lobby. I got the brown colored stuff. Had to order 25 blocks of it for a big glass door stepback. Just rolled it out on the bench and put it in. Worked real well. Took me a while the first few doors, but went faster after I knew what to expect. Leave it to Charles to have Sherri do the hard work.

    Denis the applied fronts are the cat’s behind. Works well. bob

  6. Denis Rezendes says:

    the cat’s behind, lol

  7. intheworkshop says:

    Sherri says not “neat” enough…huh..she likes doing it..hey Bob talking about me…he’s the guy who told his wife spraying weeds and mowing grass was fun….SHE DID IT…….

    Well the bottom case is in finishing stages,and I am putting the upper case together….ln the morning i will ,put the drawer bottoms in, hang the doors..attach the base and feet ,install the backs and say good bye..

    this particular Step back is to have a “early colonial” look…straight lines..federal feet..rat-tail hinges..wood knobs…very simple lines..its a good look…I prefer a little more .elegant look..I like the bracket ogee feet, champhered corners with lambs tounges,and a little scroll work…just me…but the basic case’s are the same…yes there is alot of work here..but it isnt rocket science….just take it one piece at a time.

    here is a link to few other step backs i have done..

    ok back to wrapping up

  8. bob says:

    See I like the early look. I am thinking of putting some ball feet on the next set of keeping chests I am working on. Nothing wrong with the ogee bracket feet, I just like a simpler, less gaudy look. That is way I have no hair! And Charles does. Different strokes for different folks.

    By the way, my wife does a great job cutting the lawn. bob

  9. intheworkshop says:

    gaudy ..hummm you gonna turn those feet….or buy them…?

  10. bob says:

    Hey, I’m no turner. I know someone who is though. I’ll talk to them real nice and see what they cost! bob

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