September 12, 2008

Well, it was a long day yesterday and today promises the same, but we’ll push through, always do.

I took a couple of pictures of the poplar/aspen, now turned walnut. I don’t know how well they show the match, but I assure you, the color/tone is dead on.

Walnut Dyed/Toned Shelf

Walnut Dyed/Toned Shelf

Walnut Case Sides with Poplar Shelf

Walnut Case Sides with Poplar Shelf

I actually like the aspen better. It is real blotch prone so I did a 50/50 water base barrier coat, sprayed the dye, noticed it was still blotching a little, so when the dye dried, I did another 50/50 barrier, then when it was dry, I stained it and it looks great!

Spraying the Dye on the Aspen

Spraying the Dye on the Aspen


Aspen still a little blotchy

Sprayed Top Coat - Not Dry

Stained with Top Coat - Not Dry

Now, I’ve got a ways to go and a lot of finish to spray, still have to final fit the drawers but I have all the incidental finishing done, insides – backs, all the stuff except the outside of the cases and that’s the easy part. By doing all my interior stuff I can mask off and only have to deal with the basic cases….no up and under and in behind. This is a good practice. Runs, drips and uglies usually are a result of not having a clear unobstructed path to spray. By handling the pieces and parts instead of the whole is much easier. It allows for being able to get all of the surfaces finished.

Drawers Dovetailed-Glued & Clamped

Drawers Dovetailed-Glued & Clamped

Working with the top case, the two center shelves were attached AFTER the inside and shelves were finished. I had full interior exposure and laid the shelves flat. It worked really well. Now, the interior is done smooth, slick and crisp.

Tomorrow I hope to have some photos of the complete unit and the we’re gonna knock these cabinets out. Next – rub out the bubinga, deliver it to Pennsylvania and take a little tour of Goodhope Hardwoods. I think you’ll enjoy that but get your bibs and cover your keyboards ’cause you’re gonna be “drooling” over Norman’s lumber!
Somewhere in here we will film a bunch of tips and “how to” things I’ve been promising.

I know you are wondering, yes, the finish is gonna be a little green (soft) and it’s gonna be a little stinky tomorrow, but the client is aware and wants it anyway. Gonna set it in his garage for a week or so to “gas off” (cure). I just emailed the client and offered to let it sit for a week here, I want it gone but done and out of my way will do. Rather do that than risk damage so we will see, but I’m gonna be done with this as well as five other things.

Catch Ya Later!

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5 Responses to September 12, 2008

  1. The pic of wet topcoat, is that water based?


  2. intheworkshop says:

    actually that is a shot of the 50/50 barrier coat after it was dyed and before it was yes its a 50/50 mix of waterbase finish (General finishes enduro) and water…looks rough but isnt just have alot of reflection in the spray booth..note the walnut case sides with poplar….I was trying to show just how well they matched .considering one is actual walnut and the other poplar….

  3. bob says:

    nice job buddy! You do ok with the color matches. Almost as good as us “color impared” folks. he he he bob

  4. Denis Rezendes says:

    very nice! I’m really looking forward to the Good hope hardwoods tour. i’m gonna have my mom switch my bank account over so i can’t take out money for awhile just to be safe 🙂

  5. intheworkshop says:

    Big D that bank account thing might not be a bad idea…cause Those boys got some “knock you socks off stuff’ and if you like big and wide , well you gonna get to see it…think ill take the video camera…probably can show more that way….this will just be fun…just want you guys to get the feel for a high end specialty wood mill and yard….

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