September 9,2008

Got a lot done yesterday, all incidental stuff. Got some wood, worked on some up coming projects. Thought about sweeping the floor but opted against it. Had a lot to write for some upcoming things and processed the material for some filming and to wrap up the step back cupboard. Had to move stuff around so I could walk through my shop, it didn’t work, it’s packed with wood and projects.

Spent some time answering emails, questions and looking at stats on the web site, blog, video views, etc. Wish I hadn’t.

Well, it is Tuesday and I got a ton of stuff that has to leave on Friday/Saturday so I ‘m gonna focus on that. The filming and video stuff has had center stage for a while now but my woodworking skills and my two hands have always been what I count on to make a living and to that end, they will be my focus for a while. Can’t seem to get the video thing where it needs to be. Gonna grab another cup of coffee, organize my thoughts and rock on.

The poll to vote for our next project video will be up until the end of the week. Click Here to Vote

Catch Ya Later!

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5 Responses to September 9,2008

  1. What do you mean “wish you hadn’t” are we lacking clicking on the sponsors ads?


  2. intheworkshop says:

    no not at all…I just wonder why with 14 or 16 k ya get 115 votes… has me a bit curious ,we get new subscribers to the newsletter and videos everyday….and we know they are there and we hear from alot…but why they wont vote and show their numbers is a mystery …and those numbers are what allow us to show our reach …thats what sponsors want and need to see….they have to know you are reaching the people…its that seems they just dont like to click on a me

  3. Well… geez… let me stick my neck out and speak, we just received your news letter. I found the “Vote” thing kinda of by accident this past Saturday and posted to the forum. I know you like to work fast and you sponsors even faster but…but…but…give us a chance?


  4. David Harms says:

    hey Charles, love reading the blog – web development is my profession – Do you have a statistic that shows the number of visits (aka sessions) a user goes to the project videos page that has your sponsors logos. This is the best statistic to show to a sponsor or potential sponsor. You can only control how many people are interested in your videos and therefor visit the page and are therefor exposed to your sponsors names and logos, you cant control how many click on them. Think of it like nascar a sponsor pays for the exposure of their name on the car but the car’s owner cant control how many people by from their sponsor just how interested people are in the driver and therefor the car and therefor see the ads.

    I hope this provides a different way of looking at it and selling it to your sponsors.

    As for the voting- people can just be weird that way or are indifferent and just like to watch the videos i’m not sure there is much you can do about that – politicians have been trying to figure it out for years hehe!

  5. intheworkshop says:

    thanks guys….just got a ton of effort here and folks wanting numbers and not been sure how to get them..our server stats are out of the moon…but the more specific statcounters we have seem to be in disagreement….thanks for the advice and i will pass this on to Sherri..she will be thankful as well for the info …
    We know we reach a ton of folks, and a ton just like watching and thats cool by me…and as you stated we cant make folks click thru…and im guilty also ..i often dont click a link….so im not going to worry too much about it….I like doing the woodworking stuff and i think it helps..i have had alot of email’s that support that…and I want to be able to keep it free..and i will,and i really appreciate the sponsors.. but im far more concerned about the woodworking thing….and im not going to be Beholding to sponsors….Ill do what i can…but leave them to count numbers…we got wood to do..and clouding it up with logos and banners and all that stuff ..aint me…I am doing what im doing for the folks, and ill end it with that..

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