September 5, 2008

Yesterday wound up a long day…and a hot one.  It got a might warm but I stayed the course, got most of the finishing completed, got a little more to do.  Hannah (hurricane or tropical storm, who knows!) suppose to bring us a lot of rain and humidity so I need to get this finishing wrapped up.

Final sanded the bubinga slabs with the drum sander and glued the section on I needed to, that was interesting.  Sawing and handling 200 pound boards isn’t easy but I got it done.  Used a straight edge and a flush trim (Eagle America Spiral Cut) bit, same as I used on the quilt rack, to joint it, worked well.  Now that it is glued up I will use a circular saw to cross cut and the same technique to “final cut.” the ends.  Need to cut a radius on the corners, will use a jig saw and a pattern and again the same technique to final cut them.  Straight edges and spiral cut router bits are a slick way to cut large, hard to manage materials.  I use this technique constantly.

When I glued the bubinga, I used a polyurethane (Woodcraft – Boulder Bond) and did a 1/2″ thick x 1″ hidden spline.  I used a 1/4″ wing cutter to route a groove in both pieces, cut my spline and glued it up.  It was a choice I made because of how wide it was and how I suspect when being carried it will certainly be putting a lot of stress on the glue seem.  It will definitely hold with this technique.

Yesterday I told you I had asked Big Bob about putting together some wood packs to make quilt racks out of.  He came up with five (5) walnut bundles and two (2) tiger mpale ones.  The walnut is $50.00/pack and the tiger maple is $65.00/pack plus shipping.  If you have an interest, Email Big Bob.  Bob will also process the 8/4 down to thickness if you need it.

Sherri is wrapping up the newsletter, I got to write a little more, a lot happening and got to get back to our other projects.  Best be gettin’ to it.

Catch ya Later!


Bubinga in Clamps

Bubinga - Glued Up

Bubinga - Glued Up

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3 Responses to September 5, 2008

  1. Denis Rezendes says:

    now those panels are just crazy! hope you have some help handling those!

  2. charles neil says:

    yes the slabs are beautiful…and when done they will be georgeous….they came from Good Hope Hardwoods in Pa is link to their site I have done business with Norman and Skip for ever..super people and some of the best materials i have ever seen..they do the project packs for Lonnie Byrd .. and some of his classes…they are a great source for super nice ,matched log sets and those really spectacular grains we all crave..Good folks to get to know

  3. Denis Rezendes says:

    i’ve heard of them before. sounds like a nice place!

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