September 4, 2008

Well, I got the pine plywood for the cabinets…what a mess!…I dug through piles. I was looking at the stuff and found three basic grades and the tongue and groove flooring was not only the cheapest but was the most consistent in thickness and after sorting through all the grades, that’s what I settled on. When I pulled sheets from the piles (all three grades) it was all like spaghetti, twisted, warping, didn’t matter what grade. They had some of that imported stuff, looked good, lots of plys, but…the veneer on it was about like tissue paper and some time back I built the grand-girls a set of loft beds and desks which were painted. I used some of that stuff, when I cut it some of it just blew apart. I mean plys separating and pinching and binding on the saw. It was a mess. I was talking to Big Bob and he stated that he had the same experience.

So. I got the 3/4 T & G flooring with one good side, brought it back and stacked and stickered it. Will let it dry a couple of days. Got some weight on it and a fan. Experience has taught me it will settle in. When this stuff is made, they fly through the factory, drying isn’t only so-so, this stuff measured 12% on a moisture meter. The higher dollar stuff was hitting 14%. So sticker it flat, let it dry a bit and it will do. Letting some air get to it will help a lot, it will drop 3% or 4% in 24 hours if you sticker it. It is now at 9%. The other reason for the flooring is it has a nice thick outer veneer, something I can sand and do a little hand planing on as these cabinets are to be rustic.

I got another coat on the finishing stuff, the tops and headboard stuff will get another today. Had to get some things ready to ship and did some computer things so today I got my friend Jim Getz (possum cop on youtube) coming to help me finish sanding the bubinga and if I make it I’m gonna try and do some filming on Saturday. Got a lot to do.

Looks like a lot of folks are getting quilt racks for Christmas! Big Bob did some, he did the octagon stretchers, a really good look. Click Here to View the Thread About Bob’s Quilt Rack Venture. I mentioned to Bob perhaps he should put together some wood kits for the quilt racks, he said he could do that so we’ll see what he comes up with.

The box elder is slowly dropping, can’t wait to turn it and get back to my drying stuff.

I’m going to try and get the step back wrapped up and get it finished so everything is moving along, not quick enough to suit me but then again, a ton is going on.

I am planning to do the rail and stile thing when I film so hold tight.

Catch ya Later!

Tiger Maple Bed Headboard/Canopy  New England Maple Dye

Tiger Maple Bed Headboard/Canopy New England Maple Dye

Plywood - Sticked & Stacked

Plywood - Sticked & Stacked

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4 Responses to September 4, 2008

  1. Would I be correct to say the dye you applied is a Gemini Coatings product? and did you use an oil stain over the dye?


  2. Denis Rezendes says:

    thats a lot of ply there! i hate ply today. the veneers only paper thin like you said and i swear sanded means like to 80. gives you nothing to mess with. flooring too. is it used as actual flooring. don’t think i’ve seen it before. all i can think of is the crappy stuff they put under the floor.

  3. intheworkshop says:

    the dye is my “New England Maple” ngr dye I have Gemini make for me….no stain no oil…dye ..precat lacquer..done

    …and the plywood is the “under the floor” stuff..but surprising it has a really nice face ..the veneer is about 1/8 ” thick and its very clear..rotory glue seams…the back thats a different story

  4. Denis Rezendes says:

    thats some of the stuff that i’ve got before. i like it because of the thickness of it. the ones that i’ve got haven’t had the best faces though.

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