September 2, 2008

Well, Labor Day is done.  I did head out early after dying another load of stuff to get finished.  Today I start spraying.  Gonna finish in Gemini Pre-Cat Lacquer, quick, slick and tough…my kind of finish.  In between coats I’m gonna work on the step back, got to go pick up more plywood for the kitchen and will get enough for another set I have to do.  Gonna get it now before the hurricanes are used as an excuse to jack up the prices.  Plywood is down right now so I’m gonna get it now.

On the step back, I need to do the dovetail spline, you’re gonna like that, as well as the drawers and drawer bottoms.  No plywood here, pure old school, glued up solid wood drawer bottoms and also have to wrap up the backs and a couple of shelves in the bottom.  They are going to be adjustable, but no brass or steel pins, again, old school.  I use a technique that is a spin off of a couple of old antique ones I saw.  I’ll maybe do a short video on it as well as the spline dovetails.  If I do, I’ll try to do it tomorrow and we will try to get it up with the newsletter by end of the week.

My adjustable shelves are cool and will hold a ton.  Got some out there with huge big screen TVs and others with a lot of books sitting on them, they just flat work and are very easy to make.  I’ll give ya a hint, know what dentil moulding is?  You gonna learn or think of a “box joint.”

Okay, well, I got home about 3pm, cut down all the corn stalks as we just cleaned out the corn and got it in the freezers and ready for winter.  I chopped all the stalks that were left, about 200 or so and got them on the compost pile.  Cleared out all the watermelon and cantaloupe vines, tilled my garden, picked tomatoes, cut some turnip greens (I like them) most of you probably never eat a turnip green and if ya did, you would probably spit it out.  I’m laughing here but cooked correct they are great.

I tended my Fall Crop, have more cabbage, broccoli and beets, some spinach, some collard greens and some late zucchini and hoping for some more cucumbers.  I got some of those “Monster” pumpkins and a buunch of wild and wierd gourds growing, just for fun.

Well, got to go spray a first coat on some stuff, head out to get the plywood.  When I get back I’ll light scuff the sprayed stuff and get a second coat on.  Then try to get the adjusters for the shelves, takes some glue up, so tomorrow they will be ready.  Need to get the spline dovetails done, hmmmm, looks like a full day, I hope to get it all done, but it usually don’t happen, but we’ll see.

I need to order some more sandpaper to finish the bubinga.  Thought I had what I needed but it was for my smaller sander, should have checked closer.  Now I’m held up on it for a couple of days.  The box elder is still in band clamps and every day I tighten them some…so they are drying down some.

Catch ya Later!

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2 Responses to September 2, 2008

  1. Denis Rezendes says:

    cool! that bubinga must take a lot of sandpaper! at least with the big drum sander you can handle a big board like that!

  2. intheworkshop says:

    it doesnt take alot ,its just that what i had was pretty well worn and Bubinga is hard ..real light passes are required..the paper with the “burn ” on it was about worn out…usually have a small stock of paper her but i messed up and didnt order any for the larger sander when i ordered for the small ones….but we will get it done

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