August 30, 2008

Heading out in a bit to teach a class. Yesterday I got the feet made and ready to “spline dovetail.” I did the final fit on the doors, got all the “pegs” in and sanded the bubinga slabs through 80 grit. Need to get to 120, after that it’s the hand (random orbital) sanding. The bubinga has a lot of mineral in it and will burn the paper easy. See the photo below to see how the mineral builds up and burns the paper.

I also re-sawed some aspen, yep aspen. Got it from Big Bob. Aspen has the density and texture of white pine. A little harder, but close. It will blotch bad so I will use a barrier coat before I dye and stain it. It will be “walnut” when done. Any way, I re-sawed it and turned it inside out and clamped it together (photo below). The inside is wetter and will dry and shrink and pull into a cup. This way the pull is pulling against each other. I dampened the outside a little before I sawed them. We’ll see how this works. The aspen was 1″ thick. I split it and when finished I want it about 5/16″ to 3/8″ so we are good.

Well, guess what, we already have a stat counter and obviously you’re reading, that’s a good thing. I got some emails saying the blog is a little over the head of the novice. I understand. The blog is just an insight into my world and having you come along. In reality it is only a portion, don’t want to overload ya, or Sherri.

What I want to see from the blog and the forum is interaction. Where you feel comfortable asking questions and thus learning and sharing your woodworking as well. This is not intended to be a one man show. I want you to be able to ask a question no matter how stupid you think it is and get a sound and proven answer. That’s why I want you to tell me what I can do to help you. What projects, what techniques, so what I want is your input. Please don’t be bashful and above all don’t be intimidated. Me and everyone else learned to crawl before we could walk and we are just trying to help you. If you don’t feel comfortable on the forum then email me directly. Once again, here is the link to the forum.

Click Here to Go to Our Forum

Have a good weekend and tomorrow I’ll be checking for input!

Step Back Feet

Step Back Feet

Step Back Feet

Step Back Feet

Bubinga After Sanding

Bubinga After Sanding

Re-Sawn Backs - Reversed & Clamped

Re-Sawn Backs - Reversed & Clamped

Performax Sandpaper Burn

Performax Sandpaper Burn

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3 Responses to August 30, 2008

  1. Denis Rezendes says:

    that bubinga is coming along good. i personnel love the blog. some stuff might be over my head (right now) but i think its a good insight into the pro world. and its good because i want to be a pro someday! hopefully i can get ahead of the group right now and get an advantage 🙂

  2. Those folks, who believe your blog is to “ADVANCE,” well they could be right? For me, it’s time to create, build and finish; my time has come, move away from those other web-sites. I’m not looking for woodworking entertainment or how to sharpen chisels or the very best way to set up shop. Those other web-sites have served their purpose and were helpful to me “THEN” however this is “NOW.”

    I’ve earned my diploma from those other woodworking web-sites whose breath is as I mentioned above. Its time to leave the nest. This is wood education by a real honest to goodness woodworker. Learning isn’t always about the spoken word, often times the best teacher is observation. I want to know I can, not think I can.


  3. birdsill says:

    The blog may be over the head of the novice, but I think that’s what’s needed. There are plenty of web sites and magazines aimed at the novice/intermediate market. For the advanced or aspiring pro, not so much. I subscribe to most of the magazines, and each month there seems to be less and less information I find inspiring or new. That’s where this place rocks.

    As for questions, mine will come as I try to do what I’ve seen. For example, I’ve been making kaleidoscopes lately (in between boxes and furniture) and I was inspired by your flame finial – after I glue up a hollow hexagonal cylinder and throw it on the lathe to round it out, I plan on using the flame finial technique to create a unique body for a kaleidoscope (does that make sense?) I’m sure to have some questions as that experiment progresses!

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