August 29, 2008

Well, yesterday was one of those days, had to crate up some pieces to be shipped to NYC…rained all day, sorta gloomy. I finally got to work some on the step back.

I got the crown made and sanded, doors are sanded. It is amazing how a crown really adds to a piece. You’ll note in the photo below that I put a poplar filler in the crown. Also note the space at the front of the poplar to allow for expansion and contraction. It’s only glued at the back, a simple 1/4 x 1/2 deep grooove in the walnut and a matching tenon on the poplar and it’s good to go. I wanted a full level top although it’s not seen. Folks like to sit display items on the top.

Today it’s drawers/base/backs and some shelves for the bottom, then it’s done. Usually takes me about four days to build one but that is without distractions and that doesn’t happen too much these days. I’ve got an extra week on the kitchen cabinets, thank goodness.

I lightly jointed some 16/4 tiger maple for some turned posts for a bed and there are a couple of photos of the rough bubinga. I skim jointed the post material to open it up so it can acclimate, kinda like taking the crust off a loaf of bread, it let’s it dry. Keep the ends sealed and in a week or two I will rough turn the post, let tem set a week or two and then finish them out. These posts have been kiln dried but still, the inside has more moisture than the outside. Rough turning will open them up further and they will dry more in the heavy turned areas. Letting them aclimate is a good idea, when I do the final turn they will stay and not distort. I have always done it this way and NEVER have I had an issue.  That is why resawn material likes to cup, the inside is wetter and when opened, it dries and it draws the wood, thus a cup.

Cutting heavy thick stock to smaller pieces, you will always have a moisture imbalance. Try this, dampen the outside of the piece to be resawn, it increases the moisture. Balance it the best you can with the inside, then sticker and clamp them together after sawing but always cut thicker than you will need because it will always move some.

So how are we doing with this blog thing? You liking it, is it worth continuing? I may get one done tomorrow, not sure, got to leave by noon or so, got a class to teach, it’s called “Take Ya Best Shot.” It’s where they can ask and we will address whatever they have on their mind. I been thinking I would like to do a week long class here for 4 or 5 people and do just that. Just leave it open for whatever they want and I think it would be nice to do it for Free! Wonder if I could get any takers, they would have lodging and meals, but we would charge no fee.

I need to get this step back done but I may sand these bubinga slabs so they can acclimate over the weekend and the same with the resawing for the backs and I really want to film the jig on the feet, so may wait til Monday to do them.

Never a dull moment here, we need to think on and come up with the next “project” video. I got some ideas, I’ll get them in the newsletter and you can vote to see what ya want to see, after all, it’s about you.

Catch ya Later!

Bubinga Slabs - Photo #1

Bubinga Slabs - Photo #1

Bubinga Slab - Photo #2

Bubinga Slab - Photo #2

16/4 Tiger Maple Bed Post Stock

16/4 Tiger Maple Bed Post Stock

“]Step Back - Crown Moulding

Step Back - Crown Moulding

Step Back Crown - Poplar Filler

Step Back Crown - Poplar Filler

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9 Responses to August 29, 2008

  1. Regarding this blog,

    I think your going above and beyond by doing a daily update. You are providing so much information, I find it difficult keep up! I would prefer you not toss this blog to the circular file (garbage). How about cutting back and doing a weekly post?

    I understand you have so much to share… but geez, we are on overload! Should you feel inspired and would like to fill in between the weekly post than sure.

    Here is a thought “take you best shot” on line. We get to write in with a topic… you cover it by video and post? Sounds kinda fun. I think I could come up with a few finishing questions.



  2. Denis Rezendes says:

    now those are some huge slabs! i think that if its no to much of a hassel for you then you should continue the blog. i personally learn a lot and I’m sure a good amount of people read it. on lumberjocks i usually get around 200-300 views and only 10 comments. but again if its too much of a hassel thats totally fine.

  3. intheworkshop says:

    the blog isnt hard to do..just wondering if its been watched….and doing it daily is better than trying to cram alot into one….as long as folks are learning I am cool with doing it….and as far as running out of topics ..that wont happen …

  4. Can’t you add a free statcounter to this blog portion only?


  5. bob says:

    I agree with Ace. maybe go to 1 per week. I know how hard it can be to find time. bob

  6. birdsill says:

    I’ve started looking forward to my daily dose – it takes my mind into the shop when my body can’t be. It’s a lot to absorb for us amateurs, but that’s what archives are for, right? However often you decide to do it, I appreciate it and will be reading. I think you’ll find you will build readership over time – “Build it and they will come”. People just have to discover it first, then they’ll be hooked.

  7. intheworkshop says:

    Just wanted to let everyone know that we do have stats on the blog, found them just a while ago and yes, Charles, they are reading. Just silent woodworkers out there, lots of them, but silent!

    As you are aware we just started the blog about 10 days ago, the hits have increased 94% from last week to this week to date. As long as your reading, he’ll be writing.

  8. intheworkshop says:

    so the blog will continue…good…I am trying to sand that bubinga thru the performax 37″ drum sander about 225lbs ..I had to take a little break….gonna be pretty….but geez it is slow going…just moving up thru the grits….will try to get a pict tomorrow….dont think it will be completely done …but its getting there

  9. Mike Galloway says:

    Glad to hear the BLOG will continue. I need something to read at work!

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