August 28, 2008

I wish I had a counter on this blog to see if it’s even being read. Well, it’s been raining steady now for two days so it’s got the finishing on hold. I did get some done yesterday. I put a big heater upstairs and turn on my air exchange so I pull warm dry air into the spray booth…but that’s not something the home guy will be able to do. If you do have the ability to put your piece in an area it can warm up some, that also helps in drying and blushing, its a warm thing, don’t get it hot, a good dehumidifier is also a good thing to have in your shop, especially a basement shop. They are not real expensive and keeping humidity down in your building area and wood storage really helps your wood and projects.

Well, among 20 other things I got the doors done on the step back, routed out the back of the glass ones, note in the picture, the block of wood, double stick taped to the base to keep it from “tipping.” I usually do these on a router table but I got them all tied up with different things. Also note how the corner came out, now you can chisel these square but I just have the glass cut with the round corners and glaze it in. It’s one of those things I do, I like the look and my clients have also liked it. In reality it saves me “chisel” time and adds a unique decorative touch and you will also note the little “white dots” at the joints, yep, toothpick pins.

Also note that as soon as I can I put tape on the top and bottom of my doors to keep from accidentally gluing them to the case and I clamp them in my case making sure everything fits. It sort of “fits the door to the case” so if I’m off a little it “adjusts” the door to fit.

Okay, now I’m gonna fit the crown and base. I’m going to do a different thing on the feet, they are to be a Federal style dovetailed foot but instead of dovetailing, I’m going to 45 degree them and do dovetail splines. I like the look of strength and your gonna see a new jig to do them quick and easy.

Some of you been on the forum watching “Big Bob” and his quilt racks, check him out, here is the link:

Click Here to View the Thread

and talking about your dirty shops. Mine looks like a cyclone hit it. Got to kick a scrap or two out of the way to use the saw, router bits in a pile of other scraps, dust collector full, shop vac full. Ah, just like an old pair of jeans….feels good. Oh yeah, the trash cans are empty cause I got wood stacked in them.So it’s time to get with the program.

Catch ya Later!

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4 Responses to August 28, 2008

  1. Denis Rezendes says:

    the stepback’s really coming together good! can’t wait to see the finish on it and the glass and everything. really excited to see the end result!

  2. bob says:

    Hey, somebody must read this stuff. Good stuff my friend. I think you are taking the lazy way out not chiseling the corners. I do.
    Just giving you a hard time. bob

  3. intheworkshop says:

    chisleling the corners …I used to ..but then one day i looked at it and decided to give it a try ..once the glazing was done it looked great and was easier to glaze and also reinforced the i kept doing it and it has become sort of a signature ….I cant say its not been done by others, but i havent seen it..just one of my little twist….

  4. I like reading and looking at the pictures of work going on inside a “real” woodworking shop. Hey, nice Kreg miter slide…didn’t Bob mess up your other one in the keeping chest video..he he

    Ok you need to explain the heat some more??? To remove moisture or are the finishes just cold. Geez Bob he wouldn’t do so well up our way with cold weather would he?


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