August 26, 2008

I don’t like these ‘puters’.  Seems I get to re-film some stuff on the router DVD…Oh joy!  I need this, don’t know what went wrong, don’t care, we will get it done and learn something I hope.Anyway…the box elder is losing weight and staying in tact.  Just letting it dry down some more, then I’m going to rough turn it and more alcohol (for the wood) hee..hee.Okay, I’ve got the crown sort of made.  I ran the cove….45 degree cut it, attached it to the top moulding and will now cut it to make the finished crown (photos at the end of the blog).  Now this crown will simply set atop the piece, allowing me to finish and transport it separately, it will pose no expansion issues for my upper case and sides.I’m finishing the doors today and then the base and finally the drawers.  One of the big issues in this piece is doing the center “lights” and the center drawers as it is only 48″ wide.  That makes fitting everything in pretty tight.  I had to down size face frames, rails & stiles….everything.  I still have to have enough shelf height in the upper unit to get dishes and glasses and so forth so I’m going to have a tall narrow glass.  By reducing everything down, I will get a long and lean look but it will be balanced, that’s crucial.

Now, in my case I have the “stick and cope” router bits set up in two routers so I can do either operation as glass doors can require a little tweaking as you go.  Also, you are running some pretty narrow stock so it gets a little close, push sticks and coping sled as well as backer boards really help.  So it’s rock on, got to also start the plywood structures for this kitchen so it can go middle of next week, got to run.

Catch ya Later!

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5 Responses to August 26, 2008

  1. Denis Rezendes says:

    sounds good! i really like the little fence you made for the rail and stile bits. gets very little clearance as well as good all around dust collection and a lot of feater boards to keep your hands out of the way! cool!

  2. Mike Galloway says:

    What jig are you are you using on the first photo. It looks like it is attached to the fence.

  3. intheworkshop says:

    Mike it is clamped to the positioner fence…its a box made of mdf that has holes drilled for the vacume as well as cut outs for bits,when it gets too shabby a little mdf and a staple gun and your back in business

  4. I’m wondering what make of table saw blade that is?


  5. intheworkshop says:

    Its a CMT combo does good…

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