August 25, 2008

Clamps..whoever said you can’t have enough was right.  Course I have a few more than I need here, but I figured a photo of this would help you defend your purchase of more clamps….if ya need it.Got the box elder out of the alcohol bath and gonna let it dry, see if a longer soak makes a difference.

Got an email from the rendering company on my router dvd, “don’t know what that’s all about, just said for us to give them a call, (west coast) they are having problems…what now? Any way, got to stay focused and move this load out and get the next one cookin’.

Between coats of finish (spraying) went out looking around a bit on some of the forums. Wow, sure seems to be a lot of opinions, about all I got to say about that.

Got an email sometime back and the guy said some of the stuff I showed was beyond the average guy, I have thought about that and of course, that was one guy. I try to keep what I teach very achievable by the average guy, but by the same token, I’m not going to tell you that woodworking isn’t challenging and that there are magic formulas, because there isn’t. My focus is to show you what works, not gonna tell you there isn’t other ways, but what I show you has worked over and over, it’s not an opinion, it’s not something thought up and presented to impress you, I’ don’t care a lot for the guys who are taking to impress or seem to be looking for a television show. Over the weekend I have fielded four emails that turned into numerous phone calls from guys having finishing problems. We got them squared away, with good success and now they know. One had done some formula that’s been put out on the internet and it didn’t work, simply put, can’t work. Finishing involves a little chemistry and making up formulas that you think will work without understanding compatability and testing isn’t a good idea, but with the promise of a cheap, smear on finish, folks will go for it. It isn’t rocket science but it does require some effort and knowledge.

Catch ya Later!

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1 Response to August 25, 2008

  1. Denis Rezendes says:

    wow that sure is a lot of clamps there. never having enough clamps has always seemed to be true for me. i only have 6 clamps and that slows me down a lot! and about finishing its one of those things that differs all around. its really what you learned. i hear so many people say they put on BLO and then wax. like you always say it offers no protection what-so-ever. but its around everywhere and people just get that into their heads that that is a tried and true good finish and there’s nothing wrong with it. just no protection and a good poly will get you most of the same look. and you need a poly or something on top for protection if you do use it.

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