August 23, 2008

Well, I’m letting the box elder soak over the weekend because I got to get the step back done and finish up a ton of finishing.  Got to get on the kitchen cabinets.  Running out of time. 

Ordered in some new router bits to do the glass doors in the step back.  I’ve been wanting to try these, I like the concept so when I do them, I’ll turn the video camera on and do a clip, I’ll also show ya how I’ve made glass doors forever. 

Maybe we’ll learn something and that is exactly what this is about! The box elder and drying green turning stock to making doors and on it goes. The video, blog, forum, it is all about being able to share and together we learn, that’s cool.

I need to wrap up the face frames today, maybe an hour or so, have all of the mortise and tenons cut. Used my mortiser and dado blade, same as in the quilt rack video.

One thing I do is to do “literal” measurements. I cut scraps to verify distances and so forth. Like in the photo, I cut scrap to clamp to the top and bottom rail of the drawer tower sub-assembly to give me a physical point to reference from, just like using a stop block on a chop saw or miter gauge. I use it for spacing everything. Insures perfect alignments. Not trying to see pencil lines, measure and all that.

You will note the plywood, this is my drawer height gauge for the top drawers and especially when dealing with narrow pieces like this, it allows me to be sure everything is straight. It takes a little more time but it guarantees nice, correct alignment.

Trying to mess with glue, clamps and alignment all at the same time is difficult and frustrating. Using spacers sure makes for easy assembly and accuracy. As to the mortise and tenons on the face frame, yea, I know, dowels, loose tenons, pocket screws. I can do the mortise and tenon very quickly and it is just how I do it and I know it will be there for centuries, so for me, if it isn’t broke, I’m not gonna try to fix it.

So today I’m gonna wrap up the face frames, make some crown and feet, get the base/crown on and hopefully get the raised panel doors on the bottom case made. So Monday, we’ll see how I did!

Catch ya Later!

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3 Responses to August 23, 2008

  1. Denis Rezendes says:

    sounds like this project is going along nicely. I can’t wait to see the final thing!

  2. the kitchen cabinets that we have at home would easily catch molds during humid times `

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